Dynasty Warriors 9 Extra Scenario DLC Overview Review (Is It Worth The Purchase?!)


i do apologise because i uploaded the first review but the audio was choppy so here is a redo. so i give you with this video a overview as to what the four scenarios consist of without spoiling too much. the price of these dlc’s may be a little much but its been worth it in my opinion but your decision is your decision. #DW9 #dynastywarriors9

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13 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors 9 Extra Scenario DLC Overview/Review (Is It Worth The Purchase?!)”

  1. I highly recommend buying the extra scenarios ONLY. I didn’t buy the whole season pass cause it’s ridiculously overpriced.

  2. Direct2drive has a huge koei title sale this weekend. WO4 35 dollars dw8 15

    I hated Xu Shu story. His whole personality and cruelly was not a good portrait of why people like him.

  3. Not bad. Koei did something good with DW9. Doesn't sound expensive compared to that three weapon $12 crap first time around. I did see your stream vids, though I muted did due to voice, and it ain't bad. Better to me than WO4 DLC, except the legendary weapons part. Now don't be surprised if they do an extra scenario, if Koei does, for Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Dian Wei, Sima Shi or even Hua Xiong and Lu Bu.

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