#EconsTutorTravels to New York City via Singapore Airlines and teaches an Economics concept about Price Discrimination on the plane!

At Economics at TuitionGenius (587 Bt Timah Road #03-01B, Singapore, Singapore) – we go beyond the 4 walls of the classroom.

During pre-COVID-19 days, Mr Eugene Toh travelled to New York City via Singapore Airlines on what was the longest non-stop flight in the world – to film a lesson comparing standard of living between New York City & Singapore.

#SingaporeAirlines was actually really nice. We wrote in before our flight to Singapore Airlines to request to board the plane early before everyone else so that we can film a short Economics teaching video – and Singapore Airlines said YES!

They informed us that our request was approved when we checked-in actually.

In this video, we explain the concept of price discrimination. The pricing of air tickets is 1 area commonly tested in exams and we are glad to have been able to explain this concept in an unconventional way!

Help us like and share the video! Tell us in the comments section if you would like us to edit and publish the footage we took in New York City comparing cost of living / standard of living with Singapore.


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One thought on “#EconsTutorTravels to NYC via Singapore Airlines and teaches about Price Discrimination”

  1. We all miss those moments when we can travel abroad freely, and no face mask is mandatory at that time. BTW, Nice video 👍🏼

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