Ever wonder how Einstein proved E=mc²? This is how.

Pi day (3.14) is Albert Einstein’s Birthday! To celebrate, we’ll explain 4 of his most groundbreaking papers from 1905, when he was just 26 years old.

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44 thoughts on “Einstein's Proof of E=mc²”


    The BALANCE of being AND experience is essential. Carefully consider the man who is standing on what is the Earth/ground. Touch AND feeling BLEND, as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Therefore, E=mc2 IS F=ma. This necessarily represents, INVOLVES, AND DESCRIBES what is possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE, as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy.

    THE EYE is the body. (The DOME of a person's EYE is ALSO visible.) The BALANCE of what is BODILY/VISUAL experience is essential. Notice the black space of what is THE EYE. OVERLAY what is the eye in BALANCED relation to/with what is the Earth. Notice what is the BLUE SKY. (The Earth is ALSO BLUE.) Very importantly, outer "space" involves full inertia; AND it is fully invisible AND black. E=mc2 IS F=ma. SO, what constitutes the falling MAN (ON BALANCE) feels no gravity; as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Therefore, gravity/acceleration involves BALANCED inertia/INERTIAL resistance; as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Accordingly, the rotation of what is the Moon matches it's revolution. Moreover, objects fall at the SAME RATE (neglecting air resistance, of course); as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity; as E=mc2 IS F=ma. Indeed, the stars AND PLANETS are POINTS in the night sky. So, A PHOTON may be placed at the center of what is the Sun (as A POINT, of course); AS the reduction of SPACE is offset by (or BALANCED with) the speed of light; AS E=mc2 IS F=ma; as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Time DILATION ULTIMATELY proves (ON BALANCE) that E=mc2 IS F=ma, as ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Gravity IS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy. "Mass"/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. Ultimately and truly, time is NECESSARILY possible/potential AND actual IN BALANCE; AS E=mc2 IS F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. INSTANTANEITY is thus FUNDAMENTAL to what is the FULL and proper understanding of physics/physical experience, as E=mc2 IS F=ma; AS ELECTROMAGNETISM/energy is gravity. (BALANCE and completeness go hand in hand.) It ALL CLEARLY makes perfect sense. (Notice the black space of what is THE EYE. The stars AND PLANETS are POINTS in the night sky.) Indeed, the stars do twinkle in what is the night sky. THINK !!! THOROUGHLY consider what is A GALAXY. Great. In fact, stellar clustering proves that electromagnetism/ENERGY IS GRAVITY. Now, consider what is a spiral galaxy (for example).

    By Frank DiMeglio

  2. E = mc2 real and ancient formula
    The formula E = mc2 is modified.
    But ancient formula is different

  3. How long i've longed for an explaination on how it came to be. After doing physics in highschool i was so intrigued as to how it came to be but my teachers said it was too long of a response and yet. Ty.

    Also 8 years ago? damn

  4. Nobel laureates in physics are mostly physicists, who mainly create and defend physics. Einstein never received a Nobel prize for relativity…

    For nearly 100 years ago have been Nobel Prize winners said:

    "- The theory of relativity is a mathematical and not a physical theory.

    – The theory is far from being confirmed experimentally, the results of the solar eclipse expeditions allow other interpretations

    – The principle of relativity is only valid for mass-dependent movements

    – The theory of relativity contradicts the fundamental ideas about space and time: the Euclidean space and the usual ideas of time must remain binding. "

    Change QUALITY

    1905 A.E. : Einstein ´s theory Tkin =mc^2 – mo c^2

    1996: Tkin id =mc^2 [ln |1-v/c|+ (v/c) / (1-v/c) ]

    Tkin ad = mc^2 [ln |1+v/c|- (v/c) / (1+v/c) ]

    Einstein's theory works only for v < 0.1c.







    A particle moving in a transmission medium.

    Kinetic energy of a particle ( charge) moving at the velocity of v has two different values:

    Kinetic energy of a particle ( charge)

    Tkin id =mc^2 [ln |1-v/c|+ (v/c) / (1-v/c) ] in direction of motion of a particle ( charge)

    It is realy as Newton´s kinetic energy,

    where v is velocity of a particle ( charge) .

    Kinetic energy of a particle ( charge) Tkin ad = mc^2 [ln |1+v/c|- (v/c) / (1+v/c) ] against direction of motion of a particle ( charge)

    It is realy as Maxwell´s electromagnetic wave energy,

    where v is velocity of a particle ( charge).

    Corrected Third Newton's law of motion :

    All movements in physics are based on principle of action – reaction and on velocity of stable particles ( e-, p+,n0, D, He-3, α ).

    Action, as a motion of stable charged particles ( e-, p+,n0, D, He-3, α ), is characterized speeds up in source along ellipse or quasi- elipse ( excentricity e –> 0 ).

    Action creates unstable particles ( leptons μ−, τ−, baryons, mesons ), bosons W +, W-, Z (= particles = β electrons moving at nearly the speed of light )in direction of motion of stable particles ( e-, p+,n0, D, He-3, alfa ).

    Reaction creates into transmission medium, the electromagnetic waves, as unstable “particles” – neutrínos νe, νμ, ντ , mesons π0, π+ , π- , η , K and gamma rays (=waves of extremely high frequency >10^19 Hz ) – against direction of motion of stable particles ( e-, p+,n0, D, He-3, alfa ).

    Accompanying activity of reaction on movement of stable particles in the transmission medium are waves, or “unstable particles“ respectively , i.e. neutrinos and mesons.



    Extraordinary proofs:


    New Trends in Physics CD Rom /book, Elementes Pictures, Spheres in Nuclei, Forecasted Nuclei


    One Blink of Electron is the Basis Amount of Kinetic Energy 6.62606957×10-34 Js


    Confirmation of the Theory Under Discussion Wave-Particle Duality as Kinetic Energy Against and in Direction of Motion in Discussion Group Theoretical Physics !!!! Eureka !!!!


    Einstein's Theory of Relativity Can not Explain …


    Corrected Newton´s Laws of Motion


    Wave – Particle Duality as Kinetic Energy Against and In Direction of Motion.


    Form of Intensity of the Moving Charge Electric Field is Asymmetrical.


    Form of the Interference Field is Non-Linear


    Kinetic Energy of a Charge Moving at the Velocity of V Has Two Different Values


    Movement Principles of Ufo


    Kinetic Energy


    Who is Right?


    What is Quark?


    L.vlcek Vixra, Getcited, Book, CD, Conferences 14.5.2014


    Superheavy Spherical Nuclei. Island of Stability


    Neutrino Oscillations


    Physics is Easy


    Particles, Waves and Trends in Physics


    Physics is Beautiful


    Introduction to my Two Articles Physics is Easy and Physics is Beautiful


    Orbit Radius and Speed of the Sun Around the Center of Gravity of the Solar System


    Spectral line Hα


    Shortened Great Table of Elementary Particles


    Great Table of Elementary Particles


    Movement Principles of the Fast-Spinning Bodies


    Nuclear Fusion

    Critical examination of fundamentals in physics



    L. Vlcek, : New Trends in Physics, Slovak Academic Press, Bratislava 1996,

    ISBN 80-85665-64-6.

    Presentation on European Phys. Soc. 10th Gen. Conf. – Trends in Physics ( EPS 10) Sevilla ,

    E 9. -13 September 1996,


    This paper presents two new coordinate systems (s, t, u, v) and (s*, t*, u*, v*). There is a transformation of relations between (s, t, u, v) and (x, y, z) – cartesian between (s*, t*, u*, v*) and (x, y, z), between (s, t, u, v) and (s*, t*, u*, v*). The theory is an attempt to account for the existence of magic numbers in terms of interactions between an individual nucleon and a force field produced by all the other nucleons. Combination of the cartesian coordinate system with our news coordinates arise as very firmly fastening structure for description of nuclear spheres (shells).


    New Trends in Physics CD Rom /book, Elementes Pictures, Spheres in Nuclei, Forecasted Nuclei

    67 Pages. New Trends in Physics /book, elementes pictures, spheres in nuclei, forecasted nuclei, ZOO-3D editorfor interactive inspecting of nuclei spheres/, Academic Electronic Press, Bratislava, 2000, CD- ROM, ISBN 80-88880-38-6.


    Superheavy Spherical Nuclei. Island of Stability

    In the present paper we show, that nuclei Os 192, Pt 198, Hg 198, Hg 200, Hg 201, Hg 204, Tl 205, Pb 206, Pb 207, At 210, Pa 231, Th 232, AcU 235, Np 237, Pu 240, Am 242, Cm 247, Ku 261, and more create an island of stability. Keywords: superheavy spherical nuclei, island of stability, sphere 192 PACS number: 21.60.-n

    Spheres in nuclei

    Journal of Mathematical Modeling and Operations Research, Vol. 1, No. 1

    Page 1 – 11.pdf


    ISSN 2377-6404 (online)

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 1963 Maria Goeppert Mayer, J. Hans D. Jensen, continuation…

    Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Smy617i6A8A

    SHELLS- SPHERES IN NUCLEI.The Nobel Prize in Physics 1963 Maria Goeppert Mayer, J. Hans D. Jensen,


    Video https://youtu.be/iAjYkRyMw5Y

    My 3 videos on Free.sk Physics, Science and SHELLS – SPHERES IN NUCLE




  5. Why cat is getting into a space ship?
    How it become radioactive?
    When a man come across will he get affected by radioactivity of the cat?

  6. Well, the background music was a good choice because that's all I heard in my head while trying to understand this. Just gotta keep truckin' til it goes in.

  7. Great video. I'd have lots of question if I was travelling in space and saw a radioactive cat emittng light whilst floatin, but, anyway, great explanation.

  8. Why in the first case of cat flying then emiting energy is the energy emited multiplied by (1 + v^2 / 2c^2) ?

    What really confuses me about it is the presence of the speed of light in that equasion. And why is the velocity and speed of light squared?

  9. There is a logical error at point .56 in the "proof" given in this video. It is stated "because you are moving TIME PASSES AT A DIFFERENT RATE FOR YOU AND THE CAT! According to my understanding of relativity all velocity is relative and there is no unique (or prviiledged) frame of reference that can be shown to be "at rest". So therefore ANY frame of reference can be arbitrarily chosen to be "at rest" and other objects have there velocities indicated by their velocity relative to the one chosen. We can arbitrarily regard the space ship you are in to be at rest and the cat to be moving OR the cat to be at rest and the space ship you are in as moving. If neither the space ship nor the cat is accelerating then the two are "dynamically reciprocal" with regard to their velocity. We could choose a frame of reference that moves at a constant velocity such that it remains midway between them and then both the cat and the space ship would be moving at the same velocity in opposite directions relative to that third middle frame of reference. IF THEREFORE, they are dynamically reciprocal and either of them can arbitrarily considered to be "at rest" and the other one moving, it is not logical to assume that time is passing more slowly for one than for the other. If Mary is taller than then Jane cannot be taller than Mary. There is a proof by contradiction that neither the cat NOR the space ship have time passing at a different rate. It might be true that as MEASURED by either, (while ignoring that light travels at the same rare relative all inertial frames of reference) thst time is passing more slowly for one than for the other, but in actuality the situation is reciprocal so that time is NOT passing at a different rate for either. I am sure Einstien would agree with me on THAT.

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