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40 thoughts on “ENG SUB【全职高手S2 The King's Avatar S2】END EP12 | 兴欣战队集结”

  1. What do you think when multiple tactician when in one team I’ll it be better or that their way of doing it is different and break the team

  2. Thank you Tencent Video for subbing this! We are all so grateful for that. ✨
    Please can you put english subtitles on the anime, 'Bringing The Nation's Husband Home' ? It's subbed on the Vietnam channel, but I don't understand the language…

  3. Thank you Gigguk for giving me an anime to binge watch but now I got to go hunt down the novel. I hope the new season releases soon!

  4. Can't wait for season 3 and thanks to gigguk for shouting out this anime. Off to read the webtoon and see if I can buy the light novels. Catch you all when season 3 drops and stay safe 🙂

  5. allready end s2? no wonder i keep waiting for ep 13 not coming..too bad just hope s3 will coming soon.this donghua is so great i love watching it

  6. SPOILERY question below. Finish video first.

    So, is the Number 1 Mechanic going for underground training at Happy Guild? Or are they just discussing the threat of him being with Ye Qiu

  7. For those who didn't know, this series was based on the game DFO (dungeon fighters online) which was really popular in China and S. korea many years ago.

  8. omg the animation is so much better than the 1st season and there wasn't much recycling like the previous one too! I hope they make a third season, hyped!!!

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