Facebook Pixel Tutorial 2020 *BRAND NEW* Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners
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In this video I’ll show you how to setup the Facebook Pixel inside your ClickFunnels account so you can track everyone who’s coming through your sales funnel.

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Facebook Ads For Beginners 👉
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11 thoughts on “Facebook Pixel Tutorial 2020 *BRAND NEW* Facebook Ads Tutorial For Beginners”

  1. 🤩BRAND NEW🤩 The 5 Step System I Used To Build A 5 Figure A Month Business In 37 Days 👉 https://www.jasonwardrop.com/agency

  2. I did all the steps been watching other videos as well. How to fix turned off ad blocker, turned off all extensions besides Facebook pixel helper. When I send to test traffic it says “No Activity” I set up everything correctly I don’t know what the issues is. I even went out to buy a new laptop to see if my laptop was the issue and same exact issue “ no activity” when I use the Facebook pixel helper there’s no errors so I really don’t know what’s wrong even made different stores to see if my store was the problem:/ PlZ Help

  3. It was a little difficult trying to keep up while watching your old videos with the old interface 😫 I log back in two days later and find this updated gem! 🤘🏾

  4. Jason thanks for this tutorial and congrats to Arsenal MKG👏🏻, i have a question. When some one ad me as a partner on fb business, it is necessary create a new pixel for a new campaign? Because i think is one pixel per campaign, or the main business has to create it? Well 2 questions 😁

  5. Hey Jason. I'm creating an ad and This message pops up saying "This ad may not get any leads". What could I be doing wrong?

  6. Also , I am thinking of getting your Facebook ads course but I don't run funnels. I have a clothing line, do you think your course is right for me? Honestly

  7. Hey Jason, quick question. I have a pixel but I get traffic from Facebook ads and also organically from twitter. Is there a way to separate the information so when I run ads on Facebook, I can targets specifically people who came from Facebook without twitter data messing it up

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