Finally !! Lee Min Ho (이민호) Celebrated To His Girlfriend Kim Go Eun (김고은) 30th Birthday


An actress, who is talented and gorgeous, who is confident and bold. Who’s charming, easy-going nature and passion for work makes her the most demanding actress in the world of the Korean entertainment world. From A Muse to Cheese In The Trap, from Goblin to The king Eternal Monarch, she just won the heart by her power pack performance and bold confident attitude.
She is none other than Kim Go Eun

Today is a very special day for Kim Go Eun and of course for her Fans From all over the world.
Today is the 2nd of July, she is celebrating her BIRTHDAY. Not only her but fans from all over the world celebrating her Birthday.
Her all social media accounts like Twitter Instagram Facebook pages r flooded with lots of good wishes.

She is experiencing one of the beautiful moments in her life. First of all the success of the recent series The King Eternal Monarch.
And at the same time she might celebrate her birthday with her co-star, friend or we can say beloved one Lee Min Ho. They shared a special bond since they joined the series “, The King Eternal Monarch. “ and show their affection for each other.

I know that you are waiting to know if Lee Min Ho has done anything for His Queen. I have news for you which you may get excited to know about it..
Yes already Lee Min Ho did something. Excited?? Curious to know about it
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Lee Min Ho posted a very beautiful and special video on his Instagram account on this occasion as a birthday wishes for his Queen. He said everything without saying a word by posting a video with a song. No caption needed for the video but everybody understands what he is saying and to whom.

The Video made Kim Go Eun’s fans bursting with joy. Lee Min Ho’s Instagram account is flooded with good wishes comment.from his fans and from Go Eun’s fans. They were flattered by love and emotions.and all the love and emotions they have for their king and queen they showed by sweet words.

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28 thoughts on “Finally !! Lee Min Ho (이민호) Celebrated To His Girlfriend Kim Go Eun (김고은) 30th Birthday”

  1. Wow…. Every time people do a movies together they are dating…. STOP! You need to stop putting people together just because they are in a romantic relationship in a movie.

  2. 🪂🗺🤿🤿🎰🪁🪁🎈🚁🪐🌊🌈🍱🧅🍉🍉🍉🤟😍😘🍲🍯🍾🍄👄👅🚣‍♀️🚣‍♂️🤽‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️

  3. I dont think they have special relationship. I do believe though with LMH & Zusy Bae, they were in a relationship on & off.

  4. Dont Post fake news people will belive that and spread it around the world and you will go to jail😠do you have proof to post this trash news

  5. Two Cancers in love, and you expect to know about their private lives? Good luck. Cancers are very private and secretive. It is doubtful they will ever reveal a thing until practically engaged. Dream on!

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