Out into the unknown for some of Saigon’s best hidden eats in district 8.

First up, a locals childhood favorite, the banana soaked and caramelized in a sugar sweet palm sugar sauce. This lady has been selling for multiple years. Waking up at 4:30am to do all the prep work she starts selling by 9:30am but is usually sold out by 1pm every single day. So come early for this sugar sweet snack.

Now for something that I have never even heard of before. Two of my favorite snacks put together, the com chay and cha ca sandwiched together then deep fried. Make sure to load up on the flavorful thai style sauce for a flavor exploding bite and crunch. Worth the trip alone to district 8.

Last for today is the xoi, but sticky rice with some ingredients I have never seen before. This lady has only been selling for three months and has become a hot spot for here xoi as it is delicious and still very cheap. Loaded with chicken leg, liver, fried chicken skin, cheese sauce, and even more. One of the cheapest and most indulgent meals you can have in Saigon.

Just a guy from Arkansas chasing his dreams of traveling the world, meeting amazing people, and trying all the delicious food I can find!

I am from a small farm in the states, I am now taking advantage of the opportunities I have to travel the world in search of some of the most delicious foods, unique places, and friendliest people.

A lover of street food, good laughs, and learning about other cultures. I hope to indulge in all these things and more as I bring you along with me on my epic journeys.



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Chuối Ngào Đường
797 Hưng Phú, Phường 9, Quận 8, TP. Hồ Chí Minh
Ăn Vặt Chị Bốn – Cơm Cháy Chả Cá
481/12 Ba Đình, P. 9, Quận 8, TP. HCM
Xôi gà Phạm Hùng
310 Phạm Hùng, Phường 05, Quận 8, Hồ Chí Minh

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42 thoughts on “Flavors NEVER BEFORE Tasted | Saigon's Hidden Secret District Of Delicious Food”

  1. Really hope you all enjoy the new style. The meat of the videos are going to be the same. I just want to bring some fun intros to the channel. It’s so much more exciting for me because I get to write and flex my creativity some. I hope you all enjoy, more to come!


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  2. Max đã ăn cơm hến Huế chưa và uống cà phê phânchồn chưa ở đà lạt có cà phê phân chồn đó

  3. Wow. Mình là người Việt Nam nhưng mình chưa ăn món này bao giờ. Mình sẽ ăn thử sau video này của bạn. Chuối ngào đường

  4. If you want to taste the new food. Pls go to Hue city, thats the ex capital of Vietnam, so all the best food ever served for Kings are there. Thats the original food, and taste the best.

  5. Your video is taking a turn 🙂 documentary style and very artistically filmed. Very Anthony Bourdain whom I loved. Great job!

  6. Hi Max how are you? Cơm cháy chà ca ís a kind of snack? We will never found in any where else in the world. It looks so delicious

  7. you filmed it by yourself or you have a team ?? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjamMkAvXXN2c06jPSDaBVg

  8. vo o nha de 5 dua khong ve lo di an vung con quay video vo buon o nha kia. hoi con nho quay cam cai tay con du nam ngon ko.? con thi dung dt bam nut dung co dung cam dt cam bien dat hang xong ko co tien. vui long chuyen qua tieng Russia

  9. Love the quality , the images are switching too fast though, please hold them for a little longer so we can process and take it in.

  10. Vietnam's take on street food is so unique and original.There is always something new on the market,on top of the traditional fan fares that are the main stables of the culture.Can't wait to go back and explore these new foods once the travel restrictions are over.Vietnam is the best country to be during this travel restriction period.Cheap eats and great variety.

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