North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen in public in over two weeks and rumors are swirling about his health. Jung H. Pak, a former CIA officer and author of “Becoming Kim Jong Un: A Former CIA Officer’s Insights into North Korea’s Enigmatic Young Dictator,” joins CBSN’s Tanya Rivero with analysis.


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37 thoughts on “Former CIA officer reacts to reports about Kim Jong Un's health”

  1. #Former CIA officer reacts to reports about Kim Jong-Un's he……#To, The Nation's of all World.# Hon'ble Sir,"Udh Jal Gugree, Chhulkat Bahi Jaaye"…..#Hon:Sir,"Ulp-Gyaaniyon ke Sadrish,Hamaare Aap Subke Beech;Chhote-2 Pookhre(Temple)Thhode hi JAL…..Roopi Gyaan mein Buhne Lagte hain"!!Yes my Dear's…..Aao Pavitra Bible…ke Shubdon ki Goudhtaa ko Janein…..#" Hum PARMESHWAR ka vah GUPT-GYAAN, Bhed ki REETI par Bataate hain"!Jishe,"PARMESHWAR" nein SANAATUN se Hamaari Mahimaa ke liye Thhahraayaa thha! Jishe Esh SANSHAAR ke Prakhar HAAQIMON mein se bhi kishi nein nahin Jaanaa,Kyonki,"Yadi Ve Jaante …Too Ekloute ISHU ko Kroush par Chadhne hi na dete!!Parantu, Jaishaa Likhaa hai,"Jo Baatein AANKH nein Nahin dekhin,Aur KAAN nein Nahin Souni;Aur Jo Baatein Manushya ke CHITT mein nahin Chadhin; VE HI HAIN!!Jo "PARMESHWAR" nein Apne Sadrish PREM Rakhne waale ke Liye Taiyaar ki Hain"!!Amen/Dhanyavaad!!/#Yours Faithfully:Shyam Lal Rajvanshi/"WISDOM OF KING" BHARAT.


  3. he probably caught covid, because he'll be meeting people who travel back and forth to China….. and despite being young'ish…. due to him being somewhat overweight that would place him in the danger cat. He could be either dead or alive and very unwell, if that is the case.

  4. Fear fear fear fear fear you need us to government to take care of you these lies are disgusting almost as bad as these people. When are Americans going to free them selves.

  5. What????? ….. I thought news reports verified his death a few days ago … last time I quote them ! I feel stupid now relaying that news and it came from a mainstream media source !

  6. If you overweight. Dont drink heavy, don't smoke alot and don't self isolate. Otherwise dumb media reporters will presume you dead.

  7. Nothing happened , just another secret meeting with China , to see whats the next phase in China and the Democrats arsenal to destroy President Trumps economy 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. All-in-all, I continually think of all those people stuck FOR LIFE in their day to day life in hard labor camps !!! 100,000 in each of many !!!!!!!!!!

  9. There's nothing exciting happening to Kim Jong Un. Its Trump's way to divert attention from his incompetence in the White house.. Wether is is Kim or China or UFO, we are not interest but wishes him to be a leader during this pandemic!

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