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6 thoughts on “FtS 22-04: Venezuelan President Informs of 10 New COVID-19 Cases”

  1. both trump and biden are brain dead . after their rushed early morning showers they've been drying their hair in the microwave for a long time .

  2. omg! no way…10 cases of the cold flu!? When are people going to wtf up? This is a giant step into the direction
    of an authoritarian New World Order government. Cashless, all digital currency, digital ID's..complete surveillance
    state..abolishing small does that World sound to you?!

  3. The WHO is part of the UN's Agenda 21/2030. They want you destitute and enslaved. Watch the following video about Fauci @w-kI

    If you want to stay health you need to boost your immune system. Start taking 6,000 IU vitamin D3, 6 gm. vitamin C and 50 mg. Zinc Citrate. Watch @RgsI

  4. Welp, looks like America is going to war with China cause they need someone to blame for their own idiocy. So Venezuela better shore up its sheet, real fast. As they are going for total war, as most collapsing empires do just before their end.

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