Its time for another exciting Dragon Blaze update! Two new titan heroes, new game modes, features, ZOINKS! Deep V Joe takes you through everything….he even punches a duck. Check out our broadcast to find out more! — Watch live at


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9 thoughts on “GAMEVIL TV: Dragon Blaze Titan Extravaganza (LIVE 02/17 @ 5PM PST)”

  1. pls look at the youtuber be the star he plays dragon blaze on a different server and at that server they already have all giants and even new Draco forms!!! the Max lvl. is 120 yeah 120!!! why don't we have that???

  2. One thing that irks me about the jewel summon removal is that…well, that's was kind of the only reason to use friend points at all.

    The Ally summon is nice, but you can't get SSS from it (which makes perfect sense to me) it's just that…it's pretty much always C's with a side of the occasional B or A if RNG loves you. You can get C's and B's (and sometimes A's) from normal dungeons, so I don't see why they allow a way to get C allies faster and in bulk when they really don't do anything unless you have the auto ally enhance pet (and we can kind of get them in bulk already). Doesn't feel worth it imo, if the lowest rank ally was higher it'd feel more worthwhile. Even if the lowest was B, I'd rather have tons of B's then ton's of C's that I can just as easily get from running dungeons.

    Not that I'm trying to be ungrateful, it's just that when you try 60+ times and you get over 50 C rank allies it gets disheartening to want to continue to do that.

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