Gong Yoo in the Running Man, Episode 175.

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25 thoughts on “Gong Yoo – Cute and Funny in Running Man”

  1. Please I want Gon Yoo and Jihyo together in projects. 😢

    Please include my mother, she is 59 years old and her fantasy is Gon Yoo😂

  2. i wonder why they never mentioned yoon eun hye, even once.. though they know that jong kook and Gong yoo were both linked to YEH previously.. why is that??…

  3. I found an article writing this:
    "When he (Gong Yoo) was on Running Man, HaHa said that they were friends, but the others did not believe him. Then, they asked Gong Yoo, and he said he did not know him. But, the truth is that they are friends."
    I wonder why he denied that?

  4. OMG Gong Yoo and Jong Kook are going to fight over Yoon Eun Hye! I read that no one dared to mention YEH in this episode (unlike in many others, to tease Jong kook) maybe because they know GY and YEH are in a relationship! I can't be sure though, but there's some evidence…

  5. Well he's good looking and all, also a good actor but he keeps reminding me of my dad so like,,, uh,,, and I don't really have a very great father and daughter relationship. But he's 10 years younger than my dad.

  6. “Stealing heart from 10 to 50 year olds, that’s your crime!” They’re right though😤😂

  7. Goong yo and ji hyo 🔥 let’s make them a couple 😂😂😂<<my emanation started to play with me 😂😍😍🔥

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