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9 thoughts on “Google Ads: How to Create a Remarketing Audience”

  1. Great video, quick question though. I've been adding my Google Global Site Tag to my LeadPages landing pages thinking that it will allow me to later re-target those page visitors. I then create audience lists in my Google Ads account based on Website visitors and the page URL where I placed my Global site Tag. Am I doing it right or wrong?

  2. One more thing is that how to set bid and keywords for Re marketing
    Do will i get details of keywords to add or remove in re marketing campaign?

  3. Hello Sir,

    I do not understood one thing is that code i have to paste in every page of my website?
    my site working on Core PHP

    let me know !!

    Waiting for your reply

  4. As mentioned, do not be too concerned if Google still says it's not detecting your tag after 24 hours – it took a few days for mine to work, but I still saw data piling up and the Google Chrome tag assistant extension told me everything was set up properly.

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