[GOT7의 하드캐리2.5] Ep.2 (Full ver.)
[GOT7’s Hard Carry2.5] Ep.2 (Full ver.)

매주 수요일 저녁 7시 Mnet 방송
Every(Wed.) 8pm.(KST) on M2 YouTube

#갓세븐의하드캐리 #GOT7sHardCarry

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37 thoughts on “[GOT7의 하드캐리2.5] Ep.2 (Full ver.) (ENG SUB)”

  1. ทีมซับไทยกำลังส่งซับใหม่ให้mnetนะคะ​ ไม่ต้องกดรีพอร์ทซับแล้วค่า

  2. I think Bambam is the one who had most fun in this Hard Carry, he had a good time eating 😂.. but he's still so slim.. And handsome💚💚💚

  3. Yuyeom gosh you're almost there ! HAHAHAHA you almost got it plus the fact that you are so tall HAHAHAHAㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  4. Right I'm just gonna say it. What's with the stylist who designed the outfits why the crappy suits was not a smart choice

  5. That "RESPECT!" in the caption at 3:58 really comes from heart. Youngjae is living version of Jackson's "Sneaky" lol

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