April 2020 // Jeju, South Korea
Welcome to Bang Bang Con. The online BTS concert series in the time of self isolation. BTS’ Bang Bang Con has started a revolution in the execution of Online Concerts which are here to stay even after Social Distancing.
I will go through the motivation of people that attend a concert like that and how to keep them engaged through Gamification and the Octalysis Framework by Yu-kai Chou.
If you want to create a similar online concert engagement contact me via sabrina@octalysisgroup.com
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Who am I?
I’m Sabrina (the witch),
A Gamification Consultant and Designer that travels the world!
I work for a company called The Octalysis Group, where we work for clients like Google, Avon and Microsoft.
I create User Adventures and new worlds for these companies to motivate their customers or employees using the power of Games!
I also make life a game, so level up yours!

I work 100% remotely and am a digital nomad travelling around the globe working on the most incredible projects to improve the world as a playground for innovation and fun!

Come on an adventure with me, there will be more videos related to Gamification and Remote Work soon!

Love you guys,
Don’t forget,
Life is a Game!
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4 thoughts on “How BTS' Bang Bang Con started the future of Online Concerts”

  1. Bang Bang Con was an amazing experience to share. I liked how you explained the gamification of it. Thanks for the video, Sabrina! 💜

  2. You should check out this guy too. He’s probably the first artiste to have done that. Or amongst the first.


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