Gerard Ryle led the international team that divulged the Panama Papers, the 11.5 million leaked documents from 40 years of activity of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca that have offered an unprecedented glimpse into the scope and methods of the secretive world of offshore finance. Hear the story behind the biggest collaborative journalism project in history.

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32 thoughts on “How the Panama Papers journalists broke the biggest leak in history | Gerard Ryle”

  1. From as far as i can gather with a few of us handling just a few of the panama papers we had or should i say a small party(perhaps including this person) let me add here i only handled them. The point im trying to get to here is seperate and i hope you can see the effort from the people who have given out vital evidence for the countries they where concerned with, let me add here at the time i just couldnt help but judge these people, but like i have said i hope they understand. It is by the uncovering of these files that these galant people have done that i have recovered information that should be made public that is still under investigation that i am now going to give my all (with no excuses about my disabilities because if you"all can put such a tremendous amount of effort in especially the girl who worked so hard, you put me to shame by the way) then so can i, thank you i hope you are all ok.

  2. Seriously, a speaker journalist who cannot correctly pronounce foreign words like Asahi Shimbun and Vladimir? What a shame.

  3. Corporation tax in Romania is only 1%, so EU entrepreneurs can relocate Company headquarters there.
    Activities could still be pursued in other member States, according to EU law.

  4. The internet needs to be protected. Companies like Google and Apple are going to be the death of this kind of much needed transparency.

  5. The Panama leaks was not a leak it was fabricated and planted by the State department.
    We are not so dumb. TED has become a mouth piece of the powers that run this world. I am unsubscribing right away.

  6. The release of the panama papers was one example how we can't trust the journalists. They were conspiring in their secret circles to persue a common goal. This time they did it in most peoples favour, which doesn't imply that the people who significantly drive public discourse and opinion will be this favourable next time.

  7. Yeah, yeah… veeeery big leak, and a very careful one. We've heard that story. Where's the original database dump, pristine, without any politically-correct edits? 🙂

  8. I feel that corruption in governments is like weeds is a garden: when the garden is unkept, it gets completely overgrown. The journalists are the gardeners. These guys are all the presidents men of today.

  9. I don't see any problem with an offshore. An offshore is simply a company registered abroad. Is that illegal? Is that worth investigating? What's the problem with people trying to pay less taxes? The problem is the existence of taxes and huge and unnecessary Government spending using peoples money. This is the first "dislike" I give in YouTube.

  10. ولله انها حقارة انو يكون 13 ترجمة في الفيدية و منها العبرية الي عدد متحدثيها قليل جدا اما اللغة العربية الي عدد متحدثيها نص مليار مش موجودة انا اعتبرها عنصرية

    الي معي يا شباب يحط لايك

  11. Thank you Gerald for perpetuating the smokescreen

    Strange how Panama didn't involve any of the US's biggest criminals.

    The biggest leak would be exposing the fraud of fiat money that they hide in front of our faces.

  12. WikiLeaks, Snowden and Manning all released bigger leaks than this propaganda filled Panama Papers leak. You're losing credibility TED.

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  14. It leaked, and no one cared. Compare this to the actual leaks at Wikileaks, "journalists" can't be trusted to leak anything

  15. How do they reconcile the fact that, in order to report on illegal/unethical conduct, they obtained information in an illegal/unethical fashion?

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