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In this GameLeap DotA 2 guide, our 7k+ MMR carry expert BSJ will share his insights on all the many great details of itemizing Sven to unlock his fullest potential. A strong starting item build is mandatory to set yourself up for success in the lane, but especially your mid game item decisions can make or break the game. Due to its recent changes and buffs, Mask of Madness has become THE core item on Sven as it allows you to drastically boost your farm while also being a good fighting item, but the most difficult decision is what you pick up afterwards. Ask yourself: What is needed of me? Do I need to accelerate my farm even more and prepare for the late game, do I need to be ready to fight as soon as possible, will I be ganked? If I need to be ready to fight – do I need to initiate or follow up, or just deal heavy damage? Depending on your answers to those questions, your next item could be a Blink Dagger or Shadow Blade, Echo Sabre, Sange & Yasha or even a Heaven’s Halberd. BSJ will help you answer those questions depending on your game and of course also explain what late game item options Sven has and when you should deviate from your normal build.
Make sure to watch the complete guide by BSJ on GameLeap.com to learn how to play Sven throughout different stages of the game, when to pick him, which skills and talents to take and how his spells work.

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20 thoughts on “How to Crush Your Opponents as Sven by choosing the Right Items | Dota 2 Pro Guide | GameLeap.com”

  1. Pick Morph hit level 20 then 2 sven should be a balanced game

    (sven is in morph's team and morph has to be level 20 to R his allies)

  2. After domi got nerfed and don't suit for Sven in today's Patch…I started getting MoM and Armlet for him…is it okay?

  3. I personally like going treads armlet echo sabre shadowblade(silver edgelater) crystalys(daedalus later) bkb then the silver edge and daedalus before selling echo for ac and armlet for heart

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