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35 thoughts on “How to Draw Yato from "Noragami" [Narrated Tutorial]”

  1. this is amazing! I've never drawn an anime character before and generally im really bad at drawing but i actually drew a decent pic of yato , thanks to this video!

  2. I realy struggled with these eyes. The eyes of Link, from The Legend of Zelda, are more my style and easier for me to draw. All in all great video Mark!

  3. Nice drawing i followed this tutorial and i love how myn came out. Thank you but i was also wondering can you do a tutorial for Hiyori Iki amd Yukine also from this anime

  4. Mark's daughter has got her priorities straight.

    Also here's 5 yen to hoping that Mark never brings old man time-lapse into the fan art videos ever again.

  5. You are probably the best manga artist from the West, who can teach in English.
    The others simply don't know what they are doing, even when publishing their "manga" books.
    Seriously, I doubt any of your competitors could get a manga job in Japan.

  6. OK I was just going through your videos and saw THIS and I just started watching it as soon as I saw it wowowow

  7. 13:40
    No, it’s not

    It’s a fluffy fluff scarf
    Get it right Crilley

    JK! I’m joking! I’m too socially awkward to make a joke and then not apologise immediately after! I’m sorry!

  8. Thou shallt not desecrate this land of the rising sun!

    All graphic students be rushing to their computers to render their work before getting cleaved in half by Sekki…

    Only Noragami fans and someone who is a graphic student will get this

  9. I don't know how many videos of you I have watched but this the first time I saw you used the eraser lol.

    I am also drawing but I am not yet good yet. I will improve over time been drawing a lot lately

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