In this lesson, you can learn how to learn English vocabulary as well as how to use and remember it.
You can see the common mistakes which many English learners make when learning vocabulary, and you’ll see several simple, practical ideas that you can use to build your English vocabulary and remember what you learn. Learn how to learn and remember English vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

Speaking with another person will also help you remember the vocabulary you learn. Try a lesson with a teacher today and see how classes can help you improve:

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1. Learn Only What Has Meaning to You 0:48
2. Learning Active Vocabulary vs. Passive Vocabulary 4:51
3. Learn Vocabulary in Meaningful Phrases and Sentences 7:59
4. How to Review and Remember English Vocabulary 12:33

This lesson will help you:
– Understand learning methods that will help you learn English vocabulary.
– See what learning active vocabulary is and what learning passive vocabulary is.
– Learn vocabulary in meaningful phrases and sentences.
– Use methods to review and remember English vocabulary.

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42 thoughts on “How to Learn English Vocabulary (and remember it!)”

  1. i really appreciate this English lesson,unfortunately it can not be downloaded.what can i do to download this video please ?

  2. Thanks for this helpful lesson. I appreciate all the effects you are making to help us learn ENGLISH. Just I would like you to continue sharing with us all the scripts of your videos. Once you read my comment please answer me back. Thanks once again great teachers

  3. Really amazaing video for how to build your vocabulary .Your way of building vocabulary is magnificent.I really enjoyed the video …..Thank you both for your efforts

  4. Please make a video on each of the following questions if your time permits you. Difference between
    1. I saw him cross the road and I saw him crossing the road.
    2. I like to read books and I like reading books.
    3. I will come tomorrow and I would come tomorrow.
    4. I want to talk to you and I would like to talk to you.
    5. I did it and I have done it (note: In both cases, time is not mentioned )
    6. If you asked, I would give you and if you ask, I will give you.
    7. He may have gone and he might have gone.
    8. I could have done it and I would have done it.
    9. If you don't mind, please tell me this address and would you mind telling me this address and I was wondering if you could tell me this address and I am wondering if you can tell me this address.
    10. I can't help seeing you and I can't help but see you.
    11. I am walking and I am taking a walk and I am going for a walk.
    12. I think he's a nice guy; I guess he's a nice guy, I assume he's a nice guy. I believe he's a nice guy, I suppose he's a nice guy, l reckon he's a nice guy.
    13. I should go, I have to go, I am to go, I am supposed to go, I have got to go, I must go, I ought to go.
    Dear Sir/Madam, these are a few of the questions that pester us, non-native speakers as to use in our day to day using English language. It would be a great and once in a lifetime help if you can make videos on the above questions. Thank you 🙏 a humble request. Have a nice time.

  5. I just like to challenge my cousin ,I'm going to finish my work within 10 mts what about you?today i have taken a challenge to cook items deliciously and going to decorated well.i would like to challenge my colleague always.i have seen very challenging race in the morning.In some way i completely done my challenges but it's hard.

  6. This advice can be useful for some individuals who are beginners, but for those people who want to increases their Vocabulary and want to move to the next level they most try everything they can in addition to be fluent in English and using advance or higher words, they most write every words which they don’t understand and be more serious about it . This is my opinion. Because before I use to learn single words and still I couldn’t remember any of them , and last week I tried to to learning hundred advance words in just one day it took me three days to retrain all of them I’ve learned, and I know why ? So here’s some reason if you try to learn more vocabulary so your mind will really work on it, because you will be thinking about it and you’ll more challenging yourself to remember them . if would like to practice your English speaking in WhatsApp this my number 00 44 7904696436 text me first then I will add you to the group with other students and if you don’t mind subscribe my channel too thanks

  7. Best Channel for whome those Who don't have knowledge about the vocab to know the vocab this ways very helpful for us from india

  8. I was thinking of something then the question " How to study vocabulary? " appears in my mind. I typed it on the search tool of Youtube and I found this useful video. Following the guides on this video is really a big challenge to me because I am too lazy. However, as you said it will take time so I will try my best. I am very happy if you can feedback on my comment and correct it if you can. Thank you so much!

  9. Thank you very much Justin and Kasia!
    You have helped me lot how to study the language exam.
    Keep up the hard work guys, you are the World #1 english teachers!

  10. Hello sir/ madam
    I'm sanu we are read vocabulary words but I think if we vocabulary books buy I don't understand who books buy?
    Please any suggestions?

  11. Is it all right for me to collect vocabulary from the words inside the storybooks which I don't understand and write it down in the raft book.My vocabulary is very low.Perhaps,is there any other resources in which I can collect and improve my vocabulary from?

  12. Thank
    you so much for uploading such a helpful video. It will surely help many
    aspirants to achieve their goal quite easily.

  13. Thank you so much.,this is really helpful ,and everyone follows this methods he/she will learn a lot of words .Also they can use them easily. This is the best way.

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