Our videos are about food making, recipes, bakery and sauces. I’d like to share to the world about Khmer or Thai or other stuff about food or recipe we experienced or studied.​All these videos are organized in order to tell or explain how to do. They are like lessons to viewers. Thank you for spending your valuable time to watch these videos.

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One thought on “How to make good Cassava Cake and Grilled Banana | វិធីធ្វើនំដំឡូងអាំង និង ចេកអាំង”

  1. ម្សៅអ្វីដែរដាក់ចូលដំឡូងបង? ជារបៀបម្សៅចាហួយក៍ធ្វេីអោយវាក្លិនឆ្ងុយ?

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