Marketers and Small Business owners, you know what Remarketing and Custom Audiences ARE, you just don’t know how to implement them.

You know, what they DO, you just don’t know how to make it happen for your business. We do.

When a visitor comes to your website and shows interest in a particular product or service, then leaves, comes back, leaves, comes back, sees an ad for you, comes back, leaves, sees another ad, comes back and FINALLY purchases.

You’ve seen the ad for the service or product that you visited the specific landing page for just days earlier.

You’ve seen the ad on Facebook, and you’ve seen it on Websites. How does it get on Websites???

Through Google. This video explains how to set up Google Ads Remarketing Tags on your website and Configure Custom Audiences to bring interested, qualified visitors BACK to your website to convert.

After all, the data shows it takes a user 3-5 times seeing a product/service before they actually fill out a form to get more information (aka, become a lead) or buy a product.


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2 thoughts on “How To Set Up Remarketing and Custom Audiences In Google Ads – Data Driven Daily Tip 230”

  1. Do you actually need the Google Tag if you already have the Google Analytics Tag on your website? I know that it's possible to import the audiences from Analytics into Google Ads.

  2. Paul, keep sharing your vids bro. They actually have helped me pick up on things I have needed working with these agencies. Very relevant and realistic videos for your audience. People are probably underestimating the value and miss their opportunity to learn true lessons needed to suceed in Digital Marketing.

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