How to setup and create Remarketing Campaign with Google Adwords – Latest Video 2016 How to setup and create Remarketing …


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13 thoughts on “How to setup and create Remarketing Campaign with Google Adwords – Latest Video 2016”

  1. Great info Pratiksinh!!

    Never reached out to any video which give such a detailed information step by step.
    Please keep posting more Adwords n analytics videos.


  2. I stopped Video Half way arrived at comment section , must say Thank You So Much. Amazing Task of Explaining in Detail. You explain well.

  3. I just go through some tutorial related to adwords and find your link as informative with detail explanation and live example. Thanks . Waiting for your another video.

  4. Great info!

    I purchased some paid “retargeting” courses from Udemy etc.
    None of them touched this step through guide to set “brand new remarketing on

    I have a question; I created new AdWords account and cannot
    see “Shared Library”. Can you tell me why and how to fix it?

  5. Thank you for this tutorial. I watched several videos and find yours very detailed. Thank you for explaining the reasons to make the choice.

  6. Very well done video with clear examples and explanations!!! Do you provide freelancing services for Google Adwords, etc? I would gladly hire you for gigs if you are available.

  7. so before you create the rmkt list, you havev to set up the rmkt list for all visitors in order to get the google adwords tag used in your website? thanks for your video!

  8. Hey Buddy. That was nice detailed tutorial and very helpful. However you mentioned that membership is maximum of 180 days, which is wrong. The maximum membership duration is 540 days. Also can you help me with custom combination in remarketing.

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