Google Ads has changed a lot over the years and for newbies to the platform it can be a minefield of hidden features. In this video, we have updated a previous video on how to set up Google Ads Remarketing using Google Tag Manager and how to create audiences aside from the pre-made Google Ads ones that are available.

00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Getting Started
0:43 – Setting up Google Ads Data Source
3:20 – Adding Google Ads Remarketing To GTM
6:20 – Testing The Tracking Set Up in Preview Mode
7:20 – Double Check Your Set Up In Live Mode
7:50 – Building A Remarketing Audience List
9:44 – Conclusion

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17 thoughts on “How To Setup Google Ads Remarketing Using Google Tag Manager”

  1. Hi Julian, great tutorial! I have a question, if i want to use the remarketing tag on two domains do I need to setup the tags for both domain containers (the websites are very similar so I'll use the same Google Ad tag) and make separate audience lists for each like in the video? Or will it cookie a visitor when they visit one domain and get sent to the other?


  2. Hi Julian and team. I have a question… Do you have to have the remarketing running on a site to be able to ad conversion tags? or do they work independently. I know to do Facebook conversions you need the base pixel installed in normal circumstances as a conversion only fires an event category as the base pixel which contains the library fires on all pages. Thanks in advance!

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