Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho Are Neighbors! 😲😲 Hyun Bin Lee Min Ho Apartment
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South Korean actors Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho have already captured millions of hearts with their portrayal of different roles from their previous k-dramas not to mention the recently concluded Crash Landing On You for Hyun Bin and The King Eternal Monarch for Lee Min Ho. Both Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho have already established their careers and with their current popularity status, Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho can now be considered as A-listers of k-drama industry.
But do you know that there is a big connection between the Crash Landing On You and The King Eternal Monarch stars other than the fact that they working in the same k-drama industry? Actors Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho are reportedly and confirmed to be neighbors in the same high-end pad that South Koreans usually call as Stars Residency.
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Many Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho fans were shocked to know the current news and reports stating that their favorite actors Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho are currently neighbors or living in the same high-end building condominium. We know for a fact that both of them have a huge amount of money that they can use to buy and afford luxury items including a 5 star or maybe more than a 5 star type of apartment building but knowing the fact that both Crash Landing On You and The King Eternal Monarch male lead stars are living in the same building, sharing the same pool, potentially seeing each other in the same elevator when they go up or down daily and meeting each other at condominium lobby, this has made both of their fans ecstatic after they heard the news.
The place itself is called as ‘Mark Hills’ building, an apartment complex that is located in Heukseokdong which is situated in the neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong Southern Seoul, and one unit is usually sold for a whopping amount of 6.27 Million U.S. dollars. It is considered as one of the most exclusive neighborhoods not only for Korean celebrities but with other South Korean elites who are all enjoying the panoramic view of the Han River. Mark Hills is considered as one of the most high-end residency complexes providing an upscale type of life for those who can afford its price. More than its exclusive and one-of-a-kind facilities, Mark Hills building also promises a perfect scenic view featuring the beauty of the city.
When the Korean variety news show TMI News revealed this connection between Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho, some fans were reported to be seen outside the building trying their luck for a possibility of getting a glimpse of both Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho. Some fans even exchanged comments online that since Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho are now living in the same apartment building, there is a big possibility that both of them will randomly text or message each other to get some soda or drink something downstairs meet each other at the parking area, lobby or even while they’re riding on the same elevators where they can say hi or hello to each other. Although there is competition pertaining to popularity of their own projects specifically k-dramas but it is very clear and evident that these South Korean stars are still friends regardless of the rivalry for the success of their projects.
Other than Hyun Bin and Lee Min Ho, different Korean celebrities have also opted to live in the same high-end pad due to the increasing number of celebrities nesting here. They are celebrity couple Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young, an FX member Krystal, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Jung, and Big Bang’s Daesung. The convenient location and its exclusive extravagant property features matched with the highest level of security, makes Mark Hills or nicknamed as “Stars Residency” is truly ideal for the rich and wealthy. One fan even commented that for her to experience living in the same high-end building, she or any Hyun Bin or Lee Min Ho fan must save up millions and millions of dollars just to get one unit and live in one of the most expensive places in South Korea.

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  1. They might be living in one apartment but I doubt it if they have seen each other so far.. That is a big community and maybe when Krystal and others bought it during th opening they are not still as expensive as now. So those who bought first got a very good investment.

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