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The Atari VCS is finally coming out! It’s coming out alongside the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. Yes. Let’s discuss.

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46 thoughts on “I Think Atari Wants The Atari VCS To Fail At This Point”

  1. So you guarantee it, huh? What do you give me if it isn't a train wreck? Maybe you shutting up for the rest of your life??? 😂

  2. To enter the fray against two entrenched contenders like Sony and Microsoft.
    It would have to be something very special with half price games….

  3. This is clearly a Scam by Atari I'll feel really bad for any kid who gets this thing on Christmas instead of getting the new PlayStation or Xbox

  4. Its going to be an awesome indie platform console that will enable atari to enter the next generation market after generating revenue from this console. Support atari!

  5. When I was a kid I wound up hating the Atari. The thing had a very few select number of games that were good, but they were not worth playing more than 20 minutes each. The wooden design became stale , and to me just looking at anything that reminds me of it makes me cringe. $400 for a newer Atari is a big pass.

  6. The Atari VCS might… MIGHT… be worth considering if it came with every Atari published console and arcade game through the mid-late 2000s. But it's just going to have a bunch of Atari 2600 games on it which are mostly crap when compared to contemporary gaming options (I know they were crap because it was the console I grew up with, I got ET for christmas that year). There's no reason to play these games other than nostalgia or morbid curiosity.
    If this box had their PS1, PS2, and original Xbox exclusives, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and the 2009 Ghostbusters game with online multi-player support, then it would be a realistic option in today's market.

  7. Rich is missing the point of what the VCS is suppose to be. Same with all the other reviewers. The VCS will be a great home entertainment system. Able to play videos in 4K, download and run most emulators, download GeForce now and you have a phenomenal home entertainment center, in a great custom retro case for less than $300.

  8. I have to admit I’m very intrigued to see how it plays out. But it is outrageous they are releasing it without any info on new games or exclusives or anything like that

  9. Would love to see your reaction to the Jani Penttinen video on YouTube of him “playing his game” on the VCS!! The guy is using a PS control, not the VCS controller!!

  10. 4:06 Of course the VCS can play games in "4K". That's all the address space the 2600 has for ROM: 4096 bytes. (Anything beyond that needs a mapper.)

    6:15 The difference is the case. Atari's industrial design might have more Spouse Acceptance Factor than an old Dell tower that some would call an eyesore when placed next to a TV.

  11. It's gonna sit in my closet next to my Ouya. At least I did the IndieGoGo thing…believe it was like $180? So long ago I can't remember 🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. While both the Amico and the VCS are clearly thrash… At least the VCS is an [overpriced and underpowered] x86 that seems to run Linux and Steam for Linux (I guess we'll get the details if they ever ship it). I'm not sure that the Amico will be able to do anything at all given the crazy controllers (I guess we'll get the details if they ever ship it).

  13. It could’ve only worked if it was an affordable Virtual Console with every Atari game (including Lynx & Jaguar libraries) all with upscaled graphics.

    I dig the design & modern take on the joystick controller but nothing else.

  14. When it's in a bargen bin for like 50-100$ ill buy it lol…looks cool but doesn't work that well….wouldn't mine running batocera on it tbh.

  15. At this point I watch these videos for the intro then quite often turn it off. Sometimes I havnt got time to watch the full video bit the intro is always so funny and worth watching

  16. Man what's sad is that Atari could have actually come back with a revival console if they would have just tried to compete and make new games and use new technology.

  17. I’m so pissed that this newbie company bought the rights to the Atari name. Each time they do something lame with this product they are tarnishing the reputation of the real Atari company.

  18. Just remember, they aren't trying to make a new console to battle against playstation and xbox to be the next big thing to hit the shelves and play us our new, huge and beautiful games, they are literally just bringing back the old retro games in good graphics so we can enjoy those games we haven't played in 40+ years, and also remember they are basically starting from scratch with resources and money so they need time to learn and get enough money to upgrade, i personally wouldn't be suprised if they made another console after this with a huggeee jump from the console they are bringing out now, but yeah, bringing back an old console with a modern look and capability, not making a new/next gen console!

  19. To my mind, sooooo many console launches succeeded or failed based on launch titles and bundled in titles.

    What does the VCS have? Old games made by the real Atari a two generations ago and a vague promise of new games to come. No one who isn't already an Atari nut is going to drop $400 for that.

    I am very confused about how this thing even got this far.

  20. I wondered what happened to this? Still toying with the idea of buying the Series S, though! And am DEFINITELY interested in the Amico. Will wait for that to come out next year. Another great video, Rich!

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