In this video, Elif will be giving you optimization tips that will help you to understand and improve the change in your earnings. To learn more, you can have a look at the sources below.

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Google AdSense Help Centre article – Troubleshoot a drop in earnings →

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21 thoughts on “Improve your Google AdSense earnings”

  1. I can't contact with Team Google AdSense, Pls help me troubleshoot identity verification.I have submitted a response but there is no answer yet

  2. I have a question. I am British but live in Russia.
    I see that Adsense doesn’t pay much to accounts in Russia.

    Does each click on a video depend on where the click was made? Since a big percentage of my viewers are from the Uk and USA will my payment per 1000 be higher than a Russian Adsense payment. I hope I made sense. Lol

  3. On the date 13 December 2020 , Ad serving limit placed on my AdSense account. But today, 21st February 2021, my AdSense account is not fixed yet. But why? Please answer me.

  4. I deleted some of the low earning & low viewed videos. My earning youtube earning improved. Please tell me why it happens so?

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