At the center of a galaxy more than 55 million light-years away, there’s a supermassive black hole with the mass of several billion suns. And now, for the first time ever, we can see it. Astrophysicist Sheperd Doeleman, head of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, speaks with TED’s Chris Anderson about the iconic, first-ever image of a black hole — and the epic, worldwide effort involved in capturing it.

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29 thoughts on “Inside the black hole image that made history | Sheperd Doeleman”

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  3. so, when do we start amping up fidelity in the data and look around through the mirror of the black hole back at ourselves?

  4. Actually with that amount of data you can create black holes where ever you want.
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  5. Who knows what this photo really is. Doesn’t look like a black hole, according to all the previous artist renderings what a back hole is suppose to look like. There’s a lot of light around it that supposedly should be sucked in? Astronomy has become a huge indu$try selling mostly theory at best with just a liiiiiitle junk Star Trek sci-fi mixed in and who knows anything for sure? We don’t. It’s all mental gymnastics, certainly only theory at best.

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