Maybe you don’t have a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, or you don’t want to use one, or you are building a retro gaming PC and the onboard SATA controller is form VIA, and won’t boot from an optical SATA drive. Easy2Boot is free and lets you put your Windows XP ISO images onto a USB flash drive and install it from there. It also has a driver pack for storage controllers and is all-round a great tool.


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40 thoughts on “Install Windows XP from a USB Flash Drive with Easy2Boot”

  1. Hi Phil.
    I did everything you said and it worked perfectly, but I can't get past the Volume License Product Key screen. I've tried keys from some websites which didn't work, but the key on my computer itself (it is an old hpxw4400 that was left without a HDD GPU and RAM) is apparently invalid. What can I do? Please help. I've been trying to get this PC working for months now

  2. Thanks, had a dell computer that just completely refused to boot from cd-rom or floppy, kept saying failure or boot device not available when the drives were tested working. Now I can finally use it.

  3. NTFS FORMAT FAILED! Format as FAT32 first and ensure Windows has given it a drive letter.

    I've formated it to FAT32 several times.

  4. my dell xps freezes when i connect the usb drive no matter if its just starting or already started(only the one that has easy2boot)

  5. I am having 2gb ram and windows 10 32 bit

    can i use windows 10 or downgrade to windows xp

    I usually use it for programming.

  6. hey man thanks. I recently got a 2002 ibm thinkstation for free with a sweet pentium 4 in it but no windows installed. the optical drive is broken and this was such a life saver lmao

  7. Hey phill could you give me a link to where you got the ISO because when i try to find the iso files the are already extracted and easy2boot doesnt work how it should

  8. I already install windows xp using your tutorial but after that i cant install any software in this pc. Error (.exe is not valid win32 application) why?

  9. i cant get the main menu windows xp keeps booting (its a windows version with one limited account and the main hidden admin account is disabled ) its pretty screwed. what i should do?

  10. thanks dude now i can enjoy windows xp finnaly i tried many software iso edit etc but this one works thanksssssssssssss a alooot windows xp sp3
    like and subscribed 🙂

  11. It isn't showing my hard drive. Do you have any fix for this? My old laptop is collecting dust and I just want some extra compatibility when the default compatibility mode isn't enough.

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