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0:38 IB TWS Layout
2:14 Chart settings (how to set up charts for day trading in TWS)
5:24 Indicators set up
8:23 Interactive brokers Level II, Time and sales
11:33 Watchlist
14:03 IB TWS Order Entry (Bracket orders, OCO orders, how to place a trade in IB)
17:00 IB TWS Hotkey Settings
24:01 IB Short Availability
25:09 Alerts, IB TWS Options trading
27:06 IB Data Subscriptions, IB paper trading

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This IB TWS tutorial shows you step by step how to set up the IB platform for day trading. I go over how to set up chart settings, IB Level 2, indicators, IB vwap, order entries, hotkeys, and other things like IB papertrading and IB data subscription packages.

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26 thoughts on “Interactive Brokers Platform Tutorial for Day Trading 2020 (Level II, Hotkeys, Indicators etc)”

  1. 🚨To change your Time & Sales number colors like mine in the video🚨
    Go to > File > Global Configuration > Display > Ticker Row > UNCHECK "Display tick-dots instead of colored prices", and CHECK "Show actual repetitive data"

    Thanks to my subscribers @Sandy Manhas and @whisperbe 🤗
    IB TWS Download my Settings▶︎ http://bit.ly/37INPzS

  2. How do I get the upper and lower bound to show for the VWAP as it isn’t displayed with default setting and when I open the legend option it’s only the middle VWAp line I’m able to turn on and off.

  3. Hi, are you currently using Interactive brokers platform and broker? Or are you using DAS TRADER PRO platform and using IB as your broker? Thanks in advance

  4. hello – You've got a great channel, these videos have been really helpful! thanks 🙂
    I have recently moved to interactive brokers and still struggling to find the right tickers to trade. Have you done any video done on these or know a best source I can get some help from?

    I am interested to find the best tickers to trade Indices; US, DAX and others using leverage. I don't understand how interactive broker works and getting so annoying as everything seems so complicated!

  5. Just wondering how you have it set so a ticker auto populates? For example, If I type in TSLA I get a pop up of a box and I have to select the one I want, stock, exchange, Shares or futures etc, Thanks a mil

  6. Hi everyone can you please share what memory allocation u are using for your IBKR TWS application? It's currently at 768mb by default but I've seen another trader set it to 2048 in his video.

  7. I am new here, and recently opened an accoutn at IB, Your videos are helping me a lot. But I still have a long way practicing.

  8. On 17:50 you said the Default Size on hotkeys configuration, is the amount entered at the order window, but as for what I know that's incorrect. Default is set to the default presets which are defined on the Presetes section in the Global Configuration, not the amount entered on the Order Window ( I wish it was based on the Order Window amount), please correct me if I'm wrong.

  9. Does anyone know if you need to subscribe to data before you can see trades on chart? I've tried setting mine to both triangles and dashes and neither show up.

  10. Is there a way to make it so that the default left click drags and repositions the chart rather than drawing a trend line? I find this extremely annoying

  11. Great tutorial again although I was missing a bit of your Lamborghini Action. I am amazed how such a big company as IB cannot create user-friendly interfaces and set-ups. Having seen others such as SAXO or TradingView, I ask myself what the creative director and CTO at IN do as we speak? Donuts? Or test drives with a Lamborghini? fyi – YOU SHOULD FLY TO BOLOGNA (ITALY) ONE DAY TO SEE YOUR LITTLE CARS ALL LINED UP FOR YOU. AND IT STARTS AT THE AIRPORT'S TERMINAL ALREADY.

  12. Hello, is there a way with IB to have a vertical space at the right of the chart, in other words a space between the chart and the frame, at the right. I don't like having the last candlestick close to the right frame

  13. Hi,
    I am interested about, Has IB for Level II market scaneers company description? Sach as, code AMZN, description Amazon Inc, last price, and so on.

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