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Hope you are all staying safe and healthy through these unusual times! We’re honored to share with you the recent interview with The Creative Process & Ms. Mia Funk, founder of The Creative Process, Advisory Council European Conference for the Humanities, National Advisory Council of the American Writers Museum.

Agent Orange, Chemical Weapons, Climate Change, Arms Race, and World Leaders’s Responsibilities are the main points we’ve made in the interview. Greed, Ego, Self-Pleasure, and Ignorance are key factors to the destruction of the earth, and future of humanity. How sad it is to see that we are simply consuming too much and polluting too much.
*****May 2021 be the year of Awakening and Critical Change!!!*****
Chào cả nhà, hy vọng mọi người vẫn bình an, khỏe mạnh, và vượt qua thời khắc bất thường của thế kỷ! 9669 Films vinh dự chia sẻ với quý vị cuộc phỏng vấn gần đây của 9669 Films với Tổ Chức The Creative Process & Nghệ Sĩ Mia Funk, nhà sáng lập Tổ Chức The Creative Process, Hội đồng Cố vấn Châu Âu về Nhân Văn, Hội đồng Cố vấn Quốc gia của Bảo tàng Văn Sĩ Hoa Kỳ.

Chất Độc Da Cam Dioxin, Vũ Khí Hóa Học, Biến Đổi Khí Hậu, Chạy Đua Vũ Trang và Trách Nhiệm Của Những Người Đứng Đầu Thế Giới là những điểm chính trong cuộc phỏng vấn. Sự Tham Lam, Cái TÔI, Ham Muốn Cá Nhân và Sự Thờ Ơ là những yếu tố then chốt dẫn đến sự hủy diệt của trái đất và tương lai của nhân loại. Thật đáng buồn biết bao khi thấy rằng chúng ta đang tiêu thụ quá nhiều và gây ô nhiễm quá nhiều.
*****Hy vọng năm 2021 sẽ là 1 năm của Nhận Thức và những Thay Đổi Quan Trọng!!!*****
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  1. hey linh nga and mia funk, thanks for your great artworks and this important interview, But, in order to make the changes we need to, the government would have to be on board, and the government’s allies would have to be on board (at the very least). And we can’t do that when everyone hates each other and we’re putting all of our resources into making sure we don’t have a WWIII or even a civil war.

  2. Us older generations have created and continue to create a hellscape for future generations, fueled by individualism and greed, and then we have the gall to throw up our hands (as we continue to reap the benefits of this boat-fire) and say "well humanity is doomed anyways, ho-hum, might as well burn the life-vest for a bit of extra warmth as we go!"

  3. Thank you for being honest, every day I ask myself, "Today, what can I do to choose 🌎?" Choose it or lose it, and take any and all actions possible. Would love to see networks between people living in areas severely impacted by climate change and those less impacted, because we can ignore the abstract, but it's harder to ignore another human being face to face. I bet on a future of green belts restoring ecosystems and scorched dead soil. Time to invest in that future.

  4. The concept that we need oil is a lie, the only thing we need from oil is phosphates for agricultural purposes. And with better resource management and the solving the problem of agriculture run off it can be solved. True oil is a huge condensed energy forum but it's use unchecked and unregulated results in environmental damage, the use of lead in gas caused huge environmental and health problems, every oil spill in your yard or the ocean. The co2 can be recaptured and moving to biodegradable plastics would save the oceans and our landfills. We the people of earth are responsible for what has happened to the earth and what will become. Even solar power has its negatives large scale plants heat the ground and air around them and prevent water from soaking in to the ground, plus the construction of solar panels use rare earth materials that are very damaging to the environment. Wind turbines are the same birds fly into them not all the time but they do, the sound gets bad during high wind and the ones at sea suffer decay from salt water. The point is we need to do some before it's to late and not passing the a worsening problem of to future generations when we can halt it now.

  5. watched your film Insdide this Peace on Amazon, very good and important film Linh. I think the truth is very harsh; the US will never pay a dime for the victims like Thoa and her family in VN, because that would show weakness, and guilty; the company that made Agent Orange, and the other agents, and other less known (or not known) agentes, will never pay a dime for the same reason. Theses kids will live a painful life or misery, but their parents' will keep making babies, for any reason that I don't know, and I probably can't comprehend, but they're in the 3rd generation in this movie, and now probably 4th. The truth is that communist countries care as much as the US, and will never help, because they not only don't care, but they want to show strenght in pursuing a life of countless trials, to, maybe, show that US was indeed wrong in spraying agent orange and other chemycals all over Vietnam. On the other side, the families keep bringing defect children to the Earth, and will keep demanding monetary payment.

  6. Scientists, astrophysicist, geologists, and the like deserve awards for contributions to the cause and not simply being young and ignorant

  7. When can we watch you upcoming documentary, sounds interesting. Climate science deniers are always, all over the place. Some of the crazier ones say climate change isn't even happening, some of the slightly more rational ones acknowledge the reality, but claim humans can't do enough to contribute, and none of them ever seem to know how many PPM of C02 exist in the atmosphere today. They're right where 120+ years of education suppression by big oil wants them to be.

  8. You should know how sad the world is nowadays, everything is just about money, power, who wins and who's better.. We're already living hell..

  9. The world ship is going to go down like the Shinano, 4 torpedoes, lazy damage control, and the captain and his staff go down with the ship. Except the seamen on board are trapped in the brig.

  10. Wonderful interview. It is so strange to see how, in the United States, issues like the environment, or the current pandemic, become political. Is there anything political about the law of gravity? both liberals and conservatives will fall down a cliff, this is not open to discussion. The virus does not care about your opinions either. However, we have made our own survival a matter of "opinion". We have become lazy, stupid and uncaring. Thank you Linh Nga, for agitating the waters, to bring fear and contempt to the hearts of the old men ruling the planet, who will destroy us all if there is profit to be had. Keep talking, we are listening – and so are they.

  11. Hiroshima nagasaki dresden hamburg afganistan iraq libiya syria Yugoslavia Grenada panama .the beat goes on building democrazy.stop repeatin same crimes on humanity.

  12. Linh Nga, you should go, I meant you MUST go and make a documentary about Americans who exposed to Agent orange. Our own troops were heavily exposed to the chemicals and still suffer also.Troops used NO P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment) handled Dioxin concentrate BARE HANDED! JESUS CHRIST!

  13. Meanwhile, Agent Orange brags about being able to identify an elephant in a picture.Thanks God TRUMP DOWN. Right linh nga??? 🙂

  14. Your conversation is extremely important!!! You know what? i am so sick when I found out that dioxane is also found in our modern day personal care products, it is found in plastic bottles, certain types of lotions and shampoos. Basically everything that is named ''Laureth'' or ''Ethylene'' has dioxane (1, 4 – Dioxane) in it.

  15. Hi, very nice talk. Thank you for fighting for something bigger than just daily food like others.. Umm can we quietly just not mention animal agriculture?! There's a bigger picture than just global warming which is called Global Depletion. Animal Agriculture is the leading cause of land use, soil erosion, fresh water depletion, ocean dead zones, deforestation, acidification, habitat destruction, ect. For example it can take 5,000 gallons of water per one pound of beef, yet we are told to take short showers😯. A good book to become aware of the real issues and SOLUTIONS is a book called Comfortably Unaware by Dr Richard Oppenlander.

  16. You're right Linh, We cannot ignore this issue, as it continues throughout the 21st century. We have to act fast, we have to protect nature and the environment, we have to ensure agricultural productivity, and we have to prevent consuming fossil fuel.

  17. Before people start blaming people as a whole, realize that humans have existed on the Earth for thousands of years without significantly impacting the environment until the past two centuries on the onset of mass industrialization and agriculture. So do not say humans are a cancer that do not deserve the Earth, but the problem is how we are living the modern life. – Human society is living with the highest standards in history, but the modern life comes with costs. Consumerism with one use products such as wrappers and boxes for the products some people take granted for creates a lot of trash. The electricity we use for all our mechanical processes are mostly created by burning fossil fuels (Renewable Energy such as solar can only do so much. . .). The Cars and computer that you use to live your modern life were created by factories that emit greenhouse gases and require the mining of resources that shift the surface. – Here is the hard truth. Consumerism and the modern life is a great life, but that comes with clear costs. If you truly want to save the Earth, then understand that the human race as a whole must sacrifice many of its wants and desires and basically live with less in order to leave a smaller environmental impact. Until people figure out a way to somehow collect and recycle all the waste created by constant buying, spending, and throwing away of our trash, this is the only realistic option if we want to protect the planet in the long run.

  18. This is to all the people who litter STOP LITTERING YOUR KILLING THE PLACE WE LIVE ON AND ANIMALS SAVE THE EARTH. Earth deserves better

  19. This is the exact kind of content we need to start important conversations to make change. Most people just aren't aware. Thank you so much!

  20. one of my family members was a vietnam war veteran he died because of agent orange his name is alex shaw he did not die in vietnam but when he got back from deployment he died of the many diseases of agent orange.

  21. This is the exact kind of content we need to start important conversations to make change. Most people just aren't aware. Thank you so much!

  22. This interview is important. I think both interviewer and LN showed how deadly environment on earth right now. Glad that artists like Mia Funk and Linh nga care about something more important than just art itself or SELF. Very nice talk. Thank you very much!

  23. Thank you Ms.Linh Nga. I like your honesty and intergrity . Youwill be great, keep up! Agent orange changed my life, still holding on for now.

  24. Step one: Say no thank you to plastic shopping bags. Create or buy cloth shopping bags which could be washed. How hard is it to take your own bags with you for shopping? Ppl became so super lazy in today's world. How SAD it's!!!!

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