On Pocketnow Daily, we have our usual set of Amazon deals for you focused on wearables. If you own an unlocked Galaxy S10/Note10, you should be getting …

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34 thoughts on “iPhone 9 LEAKED: Apple Please Make Up Your Mind!”

  1. Apple's timing for releasing its product is just wow! First iPad now iPhone, both in the middle of global crisis.

  2. i like when the iphone front cam is using punch whole and full screen and i think this gonna be perfect device to me in 2020

  3. A lot has happened since PocketNow recorded this. The device WILL be called SE, not 9. And just who the hell would by a goddamn phone during a pandemic! Let alone release it. Absurd! People have a lot on their minds, the anxiety, their jobs, financial situation….

  4. A glitch in the system Tim…a glitch magical typed the phone info on your website..I smell Bs.. come on

  5. I have a Pixel 2, looking for upgrade but I don't want to break the bank. I will have to decide between iPhone 9 and Pixel 4a.

    But I love Dual speakers so I might end up not getting any of them (not sure if the pixel A series have dual speakers)

  6. I will get the iPhone 9 for my mom. It will be an upgrade from the iPhone 7 Plus. She just wants a normal iPhone without any crazy specs because she only uses message, facebook, youtube and phone call. But oh well, I'm still debating whether or not to go for the iPhone XR or 11. Wondering if Apple are going to lower at least $50 for either one, kinda doubt it

  7. I’d be tempted to ditch my 11 pro max for an SE plus variant. I miss the home button and feel that the lower priced phone will be easier to carry without worrying about it dropping and smashing as well :/

  8. I'm a Galaxy Note 9 user and bought that phone right after it launched. 1000$ price was hard to swallow and the value of the phone has dropped like crazy over the past 2 years. I'm more inclined to look into more "budget" market, for phones that cost between 400$-600$, are smaller than Note 9 and having something like iPhone SE(2020)/9 is an exciting option for me. I'm still interested in OnePlus 8, but I wanted to try iPhone for a while now and I don't want to spend 700$ + for one.

  9. I am interested in the iPhone nine, just wish they stop messing around and actually launch it! Be great if there is a 256GB option, here’s hoping we get these speakers out of the newest iPhones as well. I love my SE but it’s just getting a bit slow now! I am totally blind, I’ve tried face ID but it doesn’t work for me, I can’t look at the sensor well enough.

  10. I’m not interested in the iphone 9, a 6 year old design is getting a bit boring. I am writing this from my iPhone 6 and the 9 looks pretty much all the same. Come in Apple, how long will people be stuck with the same design? Your design team probably don’t have much to do when it comes to a “new” phone.

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