iPhone 9 Unboxing & First Look + Small Giveaway 🔥 🔥 🔥

Hey guys in this video im doing unboxing of iphone which is upcoming smartphone and also we discuss about specs, price and launch date of iphone 9. I hope you like this video.

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36 thoughts on “iPhone 9 Unboxing & First Look + Small Giveaway 🔥 🔥 🔥”

  1. "Done"
    "Iphone entry"
    Why: I have never won a giveaway or had a iPhone before plus my birthday is coming really soon also I still have a Android.☹️😭😔

  2. " DONE "
    WHY : I want tim cook at a top position of Forbes magazine.😜😜

  3. “Done”
    “Iphone entry”
    “Any colour”
    “Any storage”
    Why-because i want to be a pubg player and i don’t have good device.
    Gift me please😭

  4. iPhone Entry"
    Why:- Actually today is my birthday and I'm a boy from poor family. But my father collected money to buy a new phone📱for me. He collected 7000 rupees from more than 1 year.
    I wish I won it, If I won it I would give it to my father. He have a Nokia keypad mobile, and I will buy a iPhone for him in future by my Hardwork.😇😇

  5. "DONE"
    "ANY TYPE"
    REASON- I cannot afford to buy a camera or iPhone to click and post quality pictures and my family doesn't support my talent and my passion~modelling..So if it's possible, can I be the winner?🥺🌸❤️
    Have a good day

  6. "Done"

    "Iphone Entry"

    I really need it, the economy terrible here. Goverment want same amount of tax with device price like not doubled exchange rate at only last 2 years lol.

  7. iPhone Entry
    >Winning this will definitely benefit not only me but I’m gonna give it to my Dad who’s far away and working abroad and I haven’t seen for 7 years, if ever I’ll win any of it I’ll give it to him so that we can video chat since his phone is outdated and he’ll be coming home next month after 7 years of not seeing each other. Please please it will not only make me happy but also him because he deserve everything in the world right now for keeping my siblings and my stomachs full! Thank you!

  8. "Done"
    "lphone entry"
    I did not experience having an Iphone in my
    entire life. All of my phones are second hand
    because I don't have the enough of money
    to buy a brand new phone and| love taking
    pictures and I heard that Iphones has the most
    beautiful camera and if I have given the chance
    to have that phone, I would be taking a lot
    of pictures and this can help me enhace my
    photography skills and to showcase my talent.
    I want to experience having iphone really bad
    because my phone right now is broken. Thank
    you for sharing your blessings to other people
    who want to experience having that phone and
    i'm one of that. You are so good. I know that
    maybe I will not be chosen but l just want to
    share my thoughts. Stay safe! May godbless you
    This will also help me in communicating
    because my phone right now is lagging. I'm
    happy that you are giving Iphones for free, thank
    you. I know that this will also help me to create
    some stuff that I want to like editing pictures.
    Thank you so much*
    Gmail: deepaksathya84@gmail.com
    Insta: deepak_sathya__

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