Iron Man vs F-22 Raptor – Dogfight Scene – Iron Man vs Fighter Jet – Iron Man (2008) Movie CLIP [1080p HD]

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25 thoughts on “Iron Man vs F-22 Raptor – Dogfight Scene – Iron Man (2008) Movie CLIP HD”

  1. I'm off work today. I need to revisit this movie, it's been TOO long. And on another fantastic note, it is now 68 degrees here in Austin, TX. Life is gooooooooood….. aaaaaaaaaah

  2. Don Cheadle was great as Rhodey from Iron Man 2 onwards. But I do also like Terrance Howard here and often wonder how things could've been if Howard continued on as Rhodey through the MCU. Especially as he never got to actually play Rhodey as the War Machine. The closest he got was taking one look at the Mark II suit and says "Next time, baby!".

  3. It's funny to watch this scene with Rhodey using a flip phone while Tony is flying around in a piece of technology that we can barely fathom making. XD

  4. I hate sound editors that replace the sound of a Vulcan or minigun with the sound of something like a ma deuce or m60. The Vulcan sounds SO much cooler

  5. I love how he says it's not a s simple as saying it's a training incident then says publically it was a training incident

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