This is made from Velvoxel rapter shout to him
This is for java only not mcpe / phone/ Bedrock ediition
Here is vels video where he goes into more depth about it. ENJOYYY!


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23 thoughts on “Ironman INFINITY (Become Different Ironman) Download”

  1. This video is showcasing iron man addon but for java not mcpe. And I am still working on mine v.4 it should be ready by like 2:30 Am /In the morning

  2. hey friend, your plugin is not picking up some minecraft n because of the version, but because your plugin has a texture rather than pixels, you put a texture on the elements that minecraft doesn't load, what you have to do is fix it texture to stay light, a plugin I was taking was the simple vehicles and now on my cell phone, take your plugin is top and authored the textures in the player's hand please

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