ok so fyi those six beautiful girls are going to be ateam’s new girlgroup, and as of now, we already know eunchae and choyeon (from produce 48) are included in the line-up ! they’re supposed to debut in the second half of 2019 so pleaaaase do look forward to them and support the girlies ♡

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32 thoughts on “ISE – Whatta Man (IOI) ; Miss Universe Malaysia 2019 190307 – Son Eunchae (손은채) Kim Choyeon (김초연)”

  1. What the heckkk I don't even know they come to my country!!! I'm probably gonna shout out eunchae name till faint!!!!

  2. 전부다 ateam 연습생 분들인지 궁금 하네요.. 은채양과 초연양외 다른 분들 성함도 궁금 합니다.

  3. OMG my girl Choyeon and Eunchae. Why am I finding about this just now ? o.o
    But isn't Eunchae in Million Market Entertainment ?

  4. 근래 본 영상중 제일 촬영 구린 영상이다. 발카메라도 정도가 있는데… 센터멤버가 가운데로 와주는데도 구석찍고있고;

  5. 은채양 초연양 오랜만에 근황보니 좋네요ㅠㅠ카메라 초점이 이리저리 흔들려서 거의 안보였지만ㅠㅠ열심히 하는모습 봐서 좋았어요ㅠㅠ다음엔 더 좋은 화면에서 보길..!

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