Japanese Avigan drug is very effective to treat covid-19 patients?

What is corona virus?
How to protect ourselves from this virus.


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10 thoughts on “Japan Avigan drug is VERY EFFECTIVE to treat Covid-19 patients?! #Avigan #FerlynB”

  1. Sana oo sya pero pingaaraln p nila ang avigan kng effective nga sya pero mttgalan p bago mkgawa ng vaccine gamit ang AVIGAN..mgnda dn daw sya mga my v.. kiotskete

  2. Tama po Ang ganyan
    Sya nga pla natapos ko po palabas mo bago ko iklik Ang polaaaa para sWAk Sana magawa mo den zakin
    Bagong kaybigan mo po ako
    Pasukli nlng

  3. Abe is nearly drowned to die at this moment and his adherence to Avigan is something like grabing a straw floating on the water. A plenty of paicient are there in Japan and they can conduct experements on them to figure out any affectiveness of the drug instead of free giving approach to other countries.. He is a devel of man who is trying to scrafice people in ohther countries in the exprement.

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