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Kyoto, Japan’s most dangerous food invention came to Singapore and I came down to give it a try. The shop’s name is Menbaka Fire Ramen and it recently opened at Orchard. Their specialty is shoyu-based ramen but they do it rather differently. Join me as I try Japan’s most dangerous FIRE Ramen.

This was an invited media tasting by Menbaka. Thank you Bokksu for sponsoring this video.

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50 thoughts on “Japan's MOST DANGEROUS Food Invention🔥 FIRE RAMEN at Menbaka, Singapore”

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    Get the direction of Menbaka https://g.page/menbaka_sg?share
    Thanks for watching and stay healthy everybody. Huat ah!

  2. 初めてまして、今京都二条城の店はコロナの影響で閉まってました。現在シンガポールで営業されてレポートが観てれて感謝です。

  3. 20年前くらいに行った気がします。


  4. I’m a ramen freak and live in kyoto, but have never heard of such a crazy ramen🤣🤣 I’ll try it next time. Thanks!!

  5. What an experience for a bowl of ramen. The staff being all serious made it more intense lol! Good job and that snack box seemed fun too!

  6. 美味しそう❣️特に日本は今日、めちゃくちゃ寒かったので、燃える火が暖かそうでますます美味しそうに感じました❣️お菓子も美味しそうでした❣️

  7. こもら?炎🔥?鬼滅?鬼滅ラーメン🍜。ら?you might think あっ、クレイジー?or フーリッシュ~♪?機密情報を持ち去り、ライバル会社の楽天にぃ→転職する、ソフトバンクスタッフ?oh?お、お母さんら。

  8. I had this in kyoto 3 years back. It looks exactly the same except kyoto only has counter seatings of probably 8? And at kyoto there were Japanese customers but most were tourist like myself haha. But in kyoto u are made to take a silly photo of urself. I would say the service u mentioned, it's also the same in kyoto 😆 the chef is very serious, no smiles too. But after you finish eating and ready to leave, the staff would be very nice to ask every customer where they are going and give directions such as what bus to take etc. Which i find that very helpful and appreciate their kind gesture. It shows a lot from just a simple act of kindness which is well thought for customers. I would say Fire ramen stands out uniquely bcos of the fire that gives the char taste in the broth and their broth is chicken and fish base. But sry to say, altho it's a good decent bowl of ramen, i prefer Osaka's Ichiran ramen haha 😋 maybe cos im a huge fan of a heavier tasting broth like tonkotsu. Fire ramen is more of the experience and fun wow factor.

  9. 初めての脂肪者になる事を期待して観ました。 炎上系YouTuberの仲間入りですねw
    店員さんの忍者感w BOKKSUさん、お義母さん好きそうw きなこ餅美味しそうだったけど、お義母さんはどれが一番美味しいと思ったのかな~?

  10. Japan is my fav destination for food… really lucky how more & more Japan culture is coming to Singapore… come on Ichiran and Yamachan

  11. ついにファイアーラーメン行きましたか!自分は行ったことないけど知ってました。見れてよかったですw 不気味だったけど、、、
    義母さんとの会話で I dont know what you say と聞こえた所で爆笑しましたw

  12. wow I can't believe this volcano fire ramen is finally in sg! I have watched the video of this fire blazing ramen at the original kyoto store. I think the distance between customers and fire ramen is shorter in Japan than in sg. And customers are supposed to put their arms and hands at their back when the the ramen is set ablaze in front of them in Japan! As for photo or video taking, someone will do it for you using your phone.

  13. なんて偶然!I was having Ramen for dinner when I saw the notification and watched your Ramen video. ^^ Ghib-san you might want to give "Takagi Ramen" a try if you've not done so, perhaps for a future video. It's a local Ramen chain that sells no frills, really affordable Ramen with prices starting from $6.90. Obviously the food they serve pale in comparison to even chain stores in Japan like Ichiran or Ippudo, and lack the fancy "Fiery" gimmicks of Menbaka. But for the low price that one is paying there, the food is pretty decent IMO. I'm surprised that they've yet to invite you for a taste test or sponsor you!

  14. The bokksu concept is very very interesting…I think I might try..Lol as usual your MIL only a short moment stole the limelight!!! Lol lol lol

  15. 懐かしい!20年以上前に京都に食べに行ったなぁ

  16. I like the background music when the video is at 8:50. Gives people a mysterious vibe that something big is going to happen, sounds "zen" also. I think I heard it a few times in movies before. Can you do an episode to introduce us on these traditional Japanese style of music. Probably people in Singapore areonly familiar with are Kitaro and Totoro. 😂

  17. 京都のラーメンと言えばやはり天下一品🍜🍥やけど🇸🇬に天一はあんのかな?後もし🇸🇬にうどん屋があるんやったらぜひ取材して欲しい。

  18. 开宝箱,赢巨奖 yíng jù jìáng = open treasure chest, win big prize. I think it's a line from the sheng siong variety show 😂😂😂

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