Of Heelys and childhood dreams — Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in of TUNE IN FOR LOVE share nostalgic stories of their past on this edition of Couch Talk. 💭

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46 thoughts on “Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae-in time-travel to the past | Couch Talk [ENG SUB]”

  1. Look at the distance between thhem, the side to side of them and leeeul couple when they did a interview with sbs catch, lee gon and tae-eul are closer than this

  2. Everyone request for couch talk between LMH & KGE.. Even the TKEM ended but where is the couch talk swoon????? We need something like this 😐😑

  3. OMG the last answer from Kim Go Eun gives me goosebumps..how can it's so close to Jung Tae Eul's said to Lee Gon to enjoy every moment present no think about future 😲🤔

  4. Swoon I hope you notice that 99% of comments here also wants Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. Please hit 👍 if you agree. ❤

  5. We want Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun Couch Talk, Play Ping Pong, doing ASMR, Compliment each other please… 😭😭😢😢😢 @theswoonnetflix

  6. Why kim go eun looks so suit w other lead male too?she is superstar….i have to say….she just nailed every movie and drama waw….daebak

  7. I thank you for kim go eun's words. I will do the best for every moment that I have. Much love for you kim go eun ❤

  8. am I the only one that prefer the original Korean title "Yoo Yeol's Music Program" more than "Tune in for Love"? It fits the movie more. Honestly "Tune in for Love" sounds so cheesy and soapy (which is not how the movie is). Like if it wasn't for Kim Goeun I wouldn't have watched it just from seeing the title. I love the movie nonetheless:)

  9. this guy is like gentle…a gentleman….i love the chemistry of lmh and kge sooo much….but if they wont end up in real life i like this guy for kim go eun….seeems like his thotful caring and gentle….i like kim go eun to be happy for the rest of her life with a guy who will truly love her sooo much……just incase if they wont end up with each other with lmh lol…..just sayin thou…love love love

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