North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un has wept and begged for forgiveness as he publicly apologised over his failure to guide the communist country through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our people have placed trust, as high as the sky and as deep as the sea, in me, but I have failed to always live up to it satisfactorily,” he said.

“I am really sorry for that.”


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35 thoughts on “Kim Jong-un breaks down in tears as he issues apology”

  1. I had a dream about Kim Jon Un in 2016. Read on if your interested In my dream……

    Kim Jon Un was guided to think whatever his trusted advisors told him to. He was predictable and they were aware of this vulnerability. The US had a meeting with these advisors and they would usher back information as progress was being made towards an agreement. One of the advisors ( had been deceiving him for years ) deliberately lied and tried to cause an attack on America. This person was so desperate to cause problems between the two Countries that he even plotted an assacination to avoid being discovered by either Country. It was like a personal agenda of this rogue political ambassador.
    In the End of the dream he was discovered and apprehended and both Leaders of the Countries were better for it. A true understanding and respect for each other was appreciated that day and the truth about the deception was understood.

    I have no idea why I dreamt about this. But it was in full color and like watching a movie. I haven't forgotten even the small details of the way I felt as a character in the dream ( I was an American girl headed to S Korea as an example of everyday good American people. Non threatening, and able to show the truth about Americans being humble and confident, educated and compassionate. Not what they were led to believe….. spoiled and entitled complainers who sqwander and steal.

    * This was just a dream, but I was engulfed in colors, feelings and details. Thanks for letting me share this.

  2. Funny, that the media talk about NK as it is communistic eventhough its not lol. They have so much responsibility, but they just do not think about, what they are saying

  3. He's apologizing to the people! Whoa!! Can we import this guy to run New Delhi ?? He's a LOT less arrogant than many democratic leaders I've seen.

  4. If he really cared about his people, then he would close down all prison camps, feed his incocent people and free his people! He could potentially be a great leader if he did just that!

  5. well my guess is that the chineese finally told him what they did with Otto Warmbier and they gave him some clue what the strategy for his country after Covid is . . – something like this would seem reality I would say

  6. If you mean it show it stop wasting god time be about whom you are for action is louder then words god is at hand he is coming so I say today stay in preyer for the people that are losing life amen be a kind person to your neighbors as you god has said good day amen

  7. His brush with death over heart conditions May have rattled his cage a bit, but he won't consider what a criminal he really is against his people…just say oh I could improve a tad…yeah ok

  8. Well thats weird.. he clearly said there was no covid there… Biden will have many wars to make up for money lost from no war with trump in office…like ALL OTHER American presidents ….have had war as America bullied its was into war yet people are so socially engineered like NEVER before to hate so much they dont even realize it was literally the first time thanks to trump

  9. Gone seven months that looks more like his double that’s not him, when does Kim Jong un Apologize , never!! let’s be realistic.

  10. he looks relieved that the satnist creeps – have lost their power over him – and his people at last

  11. Wow, I am absolutely speechless. What an incredible turn around. I lived in South Korea for a few weeks back around 2010, and the tension was very high. And I suspectThat Mr. Donald Trump has something to do with this

  12. The soldiers are starving. They subsist on a diet that would not be sufficient in bulk nor nutrition for an 8 year old. Periodically they are sent home for “rest” barely to walk and some meet an early death. Their leader, as ours, seems to be quite healthy in bulk, but clearly that much fat on either butterball is not healthy physically. I don’t know how Kim will meet his end, but Donald will surely miss his Big Macs in prison. There is a place in Hell for both of them.

  13. His probably crying because he knows sooner or later they will lose there country over this gender 21 just like everyone else well.

  14. I dont even know why he bothers putting on these acts when he should know by now the world is fully aware of what he does and how awful he is.

  15. This is a kids news channel. I am no fan of Kim or Bim. But this is too low.

    Edited: oh this is Australia news. Kid.

  16. There will come a time, I don't know when, but North Korea will ask for international assistance. When that time comes, the western powers need to insure that call is not answered by China. I'm not saying it has to be the US, UK, France, or Germany, but we need to keep North Korea as close to the western fold as possible. It really comes down to not allowing China any leverage over a potentially destabilizing situation whether it is in their sphere if influence or not.

  17. I am so glad we have a president that loves dictators and tyrants, and takes down those evil socialists who so want a sharing nation. HOoray for tyranny and war!!!


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