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MY FEELINGS OVER THESE TWO/THE SHOW/ALL THE CHARACTERS!!!! I started Goblin last week and literally still reeling over how much it made me feel. It gave me everything I wanted from a show, and more. I honestly cannot recommend it enough, I laughed and cried like a baby in equal parts, and it’s been quite a while since a show managed to make me feel as invested this fast and deep. And yeah, what can I say about these two. Ji Eun Tak/Kim Shin stole my heart from the start. Enjoy the gorgeous cinematography of this drama, hopefully I did it justice somehow!

This was my first dive into kdrama and I have SO many more on my list, so so excited to watch more. But also, how do I get over Gong Yoo’s face tbh.

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10 thoughts on “Kim Shin & Ji Eun Tak (Goblin) | feel real”

  1. I haven't seen this show but I'm just ADDICTED to this video, sooo good. I don't know how many times I've watched it now XD AMAZING JOB!!! :))

  2. The way I didn't breathe from 1:37 to 2:14 like the perfect transitional montage doesn't exist….OH NO WAIT IT'S IN THIS VID. seriously alicia you managed to combine all of their beautiful fluffy moments with the absolute angst of their relationship and the song fits both vibes PERFECTLY. your editing is seriously so fucking perfect, the timing is UNMATCHED like at 1:01. and the parallel at 3:17….you are satan. I am so happy to have shared in all this love and pain with you and hopefully you will vid more goblin for me to cry over!!!!!!

  3. I started the show ages ago and never really managed to fully get into it, but I might at some point, who knows! That being said, it didn't stop me at all from appreciating the beauty that this is! It's quite wonderful Alicia! Amazing work!

  4. SHUT THE HELL UP! I cannot believe that you not only have seen GOBLIN but are also vidding it! I might actually die. Please never stop putting Gong Yoo's face on my TL. This is everything: the song, the scenes, the vibe. THANKYOU!

  5. absolutely LOVE this, gosh. I love what you said about the show in the description, it really does have everything, makes you sob, die laughing, etc. I've watched Goblin like 5-6 times now and every time it makes my heart SOAR <3

  6. WOW que maravilla de verdad, la cinematografía es preciosa y como la usas y la maestría de como unes con la música, cada golpe que tiene la canción, cada segundo está tan bien pensado, fluye exageradamente bien!!!Creo que es uno de tus mejores videos sin duda y lo digo sin haber visto la serie con lo que no puedo apreciarlo al completo. Pero eso ♥️

  7. THIS IS SO GORGEOUS HUN <333 i almost forgot how much goblin hurt me but it's all coming back now </3 beautiful song, amazing editing, i can't believe how quickly you made it and it's so beautiful whoa and straight to my faves
    2:44–03:22 – HAHA JUST KILL ME probably my fav part

  8. ALICIAAAAAA. Well this is one of my favourite video from you now. And I don't even know which show is this.
    Continúo en español porque no voy a poder describirtelo de otra manera… QUÉ EDICIÓN. Los golpes de la canción con las imágenes se me han quedado grabados. Me ha llegado muchísimo, te lo juro, entre la cinematografía de la serie, la canción y tu edición, no sé, es como si tuviese una atmósfera de magia muy muy especial, de verdad. Enhorabuena por este vídeo porque es increíble. Me sigue fascinando la manera que tienes de hacer que fluya todo de una manera tan natural y tan bonita. TE ENVIDIO (con cariño).

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