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This Christmas 3:07
I’m all ears 9:23
Something New 13:06
Stay 20:00

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20 thoughts on “KJourney with Taeyeon: This Christmas / I'm all ears / Something New / Stay MV | Reaction”

  1. Taeyeon's father died this year on March 9th. That's also her birthday. This song was from 2017, and she obviously is very close to her father.

  2. All her lives are amazing! I cant choose which one for you to react but the most requested one has to be Fine live from her S concert i also recommend better babe live unseen concert, her japanese songs are EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD rescue me, stay, i do, voice live! And her Japanese album is also so good hoping you would react to her full concerts! Till then cant wait!

  3. What makes This Christmas just hit hard for me is her loss of her father and grandmother this year, and all the friends she's lost. She is so strong.

  4. For Taeyeon live performances. My favorites are:
    TaeYeon ( SNSD ) – Hush Hush; Hush Hush
    A Pussycat Doll's cover.
    the one posted by CodeAnalysisSeason5 is a good one,
    TAEYEON 태연 '사계 (Four Seasons)' Concert Ver. @'s…one TAEYEON CONCERT
    posted by SMTOWN

  5. Thanks for mentioning Jolin Tsai! I’m her fans and have seen all of your reactions of Jolin. I’m so appreciated that you really remember her and her music! ! Hope to see you react to her later! Also, I love Taeyeon! ! Honestly, she doesn’t have bad songs😭I’ll keep supporting you and my queens🥰

  6. Live performance Taeyeon is much better than recording one, Please react to Taeyeon – Fine, Baram 3x, All night long, and Stay (S' concert in Seoul) and the bassline in Baramx3 and All night long was gold.

  7. Thanks for the reaction 😊
    My top 4 :
    1- something new
    2- stay
    3- this Christmas
    4- I am all ears
    Taeyeon has many good lives once you start watching her live performances you can't get enough because her live stages are even better than studio versions

  8. As for lives, since lots of people are requesting Fine from 's concert.. may I add Here I Am..? An opener for that concert https://youtu.be/TaeJBBb_Vmo

  9. You should definitely check out these live stages: I got love-japan tour 2019
    Time lapse-Japan Tour 2018
    All night long/Fine -2018 ‘s concert
    Better Babe-the unseen
    Four seasons-‘s..one

  10. Live stage: something new,I got love,love you like crazy,fine at…S' taeyeon concert and also better babe, LOL at taeyeon The Unseen concert. U gonna love them.

  11. All Taeyeon songs are so good, the mv is aesthetic but i recommended live version of every song of Taeyeon. It will be great journey, i promise you ^_^

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