OMG, another video? Only 2 days after the last one? What is this sorcery….
Hello everyone,
How are you all doing? How is your day/night going? Have you been watching the recent episodes of The King: Eternal Monarch? I have and I won’t spoil it for you so with this edit I did leave out the scenes for episode 11 and onwards. I wanted to showcase Jung Eun-Chae’s badass character but also not show the evil side of that character. I love the female power she brings and how she doesn’t back down and fights for what she wants (even if it means betraying the King)

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I love you all, thank you for watching *finger heart*

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31 thoughts on “Koo Seo Ryeong / 16 shots / The King: Eternal Monarch”

  1. Можете ли вы ответит : как называется это дорама на русском языке

  2. I actually thought she was gonna become queen and LMH would stay in Korea. I liked how assertive and ambitious she was. I wished they did her character justice because I thought she would have been a capable queen

  3. I LOVE Prime minister Koo’s character , if only she wouldn’t have that much greed and betray the king , I’d love to see her as a queen , Shes a total badass Inspiration, and brings out such marvellous class and royalty … btw do you know more dramas with similar characters?

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