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36 thoughts on “Koreans react to The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 1!”

  1. I discovered your YT channel recently (October 2020) and I am reviewing TKEM with you while watching it again, for the fifth time. The actors/actresses were unfamiliar to me, but I immediately fell in love with the characters. Lee Min Ho is handsome! I also love drama themes that have time travel or multiple dimensions. Also, good subtitles in English are very important to me.
    So ladies, you watched the full episode in real time, but for the reaction you only watched clips?

  2. That’s not it the other lee gon saved his self when he was younger and forgot tae-ul’s card with him so he thought a girl saved him

  3. Watch it again you will understand.the first thing i do not understand but if you watch again you will understand the story😋😀

  4. You guys having way too much fun, I love your natural reactions…I do agree that his front teeth though they are quite cute…😁

  5. Best reaction of the first episode…you girls had the same reaction I had when I saw Lee Min Ho on my screen after 2yrs!!!

  6. Me too I am from nepal l also watch korean drama I don't no but korean movies to more than better korean dram web series. Some fun some love story some family drama I can't understand more korean language but I watch english subttle I like korean drama specially lee min ho, lee jaun suk an park shinhye starter drama.
    an I am big fan lee min ho
    because I watched The first time her drama the heir.

  7. 맥시무스가 말 진짜 이름이에요~~극중 다른 이름 이였는데 맥시무스가 말을 안들어서 본명을 사용했다고 합니다~~^^ 다음 영상이 없네요~기다릴께요~

  8. Hi! This is awesome! I was laughing all the time! Your reactions and comments are so cute! Will share this in my Kim Go Eun fan account IGS: instagram.com/kge.global 🙏❤

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