LANA DEL REY DRAMA WITH BEYONCE & ARIANA: How To Be Confident Without Comparing Yourself | Shallon @Lana Del Rey @Ariana Grande @Beyoncé @Cardi B @Nicki Minaj
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#LanaDelRey went on an Instagram rant about Ariana Grande, Beyonce and more artists enjoying popularity that she doesn’t. But is this nothing more than thinly veiled racism? Or does she make really good points about feminism and respecting other women? #shallon #shallonlester

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25 thoughts on “LANA DEL REY DRAMA WITH BEYONCE & ARIANA: How To Be Confident Without Comparing Yourself | Shallon”

  1. One of the reasons the conversation got turned into this fiasco about race is because like Lana, black women they want to be accepted and loved by everyone. I don’t mean in the same sense that Lana does but after decades of being shunned and mistreated sometimes instead of us speaking life into ourselves we look for others to do that for us. To give us the validation we’ve been seeking for so long. So in a way I get where Lana is coming from. She’s expressing her hurt and maybe didn’t use the best choice of words but I do understand. It’s hard giving your all and still never seeming to be good enough. But that’s where the thought process should switch to just being good enough for yourself. I don’t think Lana’s racist 🤔… I just think that the ‘woke’ community has a way of turning nothings into something’s sometimes. Like everyone wants to have a reason to be hurt. 🤷🏾‍♀️ What’s that saying from grade school? Sticks and stones …

  2. Hey, Shal! 💗💋 This one is pretty basic for me. If Lana was authentic, she could exist without the opinons of others. If she truly was a feminist she would champion her own voice instead of pining for the chorus. When Black people say "Looks like me", we mean other Black people

  3. I just saw Billie Eilish’s short and was totally thinking about this video. I find it so interesting how well Billie deals with and reflects on scrutiny while creating an amazing piece about it while Lana’s expression was different and not quite as well done let’s just say…

  4. I used to be so weirded out by people who call their boyfriends daddy but then I met a man who is just such "daddy" there's really no better nickname for him😂😂still prefer papi tho

  5. I think Lana absolutely has a point but couldn’t articulate it well. Especially about feminism. There are naturally strong women, strong people in general. Some of it genetics, some of it is upbringing. But there is also a lot of women and men who came from difficult families, had a bad childhood and just don’t have that inner strength that some other people have. And I feel like sometimes they are shamed for it. And YES they are shamed for it in feminism. When a woman shows her weakness and is not that absolutely gorgeous, confident, badass bitch she is judged by people, by women, by feminists. When she expresses her feelings that are at times insecure she gets called out for it, as if it’s something bad. Or in some cases, and I think it’s Lana’s case, is blamed for promoting weakness, insecurities, or even abuse. That’s messed up. We absolutely need to accept and not judge vulnerable insecure women. We of course want them to blossom into more confidence, however disregarding their feelings, calling them needy and insecure is not the way to do it. I’m happy for Beyoncé I’m happy for Ariana etc, really any woman who is confident and doesn’t struggle as much with insecurities or has better control of it. But not all of us are like that, some of us need more support and it’s ok. Nothing to be ashamed of or judged for. I honestly think feminism sometimes becomes a battle “who is a bigger badass” rather than helping women in need. There are other ways of growing confidence other than looking up to women who are stronger than you. I think compassion is a key and understanding and accepting feelings of other females. Her post wasn’t about particular people or comparison it was about a trend that we see in feminism right now. Yes don’t be a victim but shaming people for insecurities and “victim mentality” is not a way to go.

  6. Beyonce is not talented. She's not even creative all her fame is from people bullying small artists for their talent and taking their music and rebranding it to fit Beyonce

  7. I feel like this post was made in a time of upset, anger and hurt and if she was calm and collected it would made much more sense and her message would be much more clearer. Name dropping was soo unnecessary like we live in the same world we probably now what type of artists you’re referring to.

  8. When a white person says “it’s not about race” and they don’t understand how people could draw the conclusion, I always think of women’s experiences when we hear “why did you make this a feminist thing. It’s not about gender”. If you don’t understand why it’s about gender or race it’s bc you are privileged enough to not be reminded of those things day in and day out. It’s the context and it’s micro-aggressions. If a minority is telling you it is a race or feminism issue- It is. End of story.

  9. Lana asked feminism to work for her while not aligning with it, let alone trying to explore intersectional feminism and how those women she singled out face entirely different obstacles that she never will. She used direct comparison and when she didn't get the sympathy she was looking for she doubled down, it made me appreciate women like Jameela Jamil even more where she'll apologize and make a change if she thinks it's right. Lana is incapable of admitting her perspective is off here, she's so wrapped up in her own experience she doesn't really see how it differs for women around her doing similar things but with a visible minority.

  10. Well no one gave chloe and halle time of day only until their most recent music video where they look very alluring very sexy but im annoyed how now they get attention they play their own instruments alwayscovered up good girls with such class and very original lana should hit up them up they could give her a tip cuz they gonna be it and she gonna hate still

  11. Lol can we talk about the daddy question?
    I can't call my boyfriend/lover or whatever daddy because I have always called my father, daddy and I associate the word with him and I dont want to think about my father when having sex🤮🤮
    I wanna hear other ppl opinions👂

  12. Watch Looking For Mr. Goodbar! You can have sex with 3 men in a week simply cause you love sex & not cause your desperate for a boyfriend, just like Diane Keaton in the movie I mentioned. I've had sex with 2 men in the same day. But I'm a self proclaimed nymphomaniac. Had sex 7 times in one day with one ex boyfriend of mine & 10 times over the course of a weekend vacation with a different boyfriend. The difference between me & Diane Keaton's character in Looking for Mr. Goodbar is I dont take random strangers home from the bar to have sex with.

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