OMG somebody Please help me😭😭😭


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43 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun 이민호 & 김고은 HOT KISS SCENE”

  1. Yang ditunggu tunggu penumpang kapal akhirnya Kesampaian juga😂🤭😍 Gimana Nih? Kissnya Udah lebih Dari HOTT Loh itu, The hottest kiss ever🔥

  2. "This is so wrong you shouldn't be doing this like seriously you should be sorry to yourself why you're doing this like whyyy"- The words I've been telling myself when I kept watching this scene 😭 send help please

  3. I've been a fan of LMH since BOF, and I think LMH likes KGE, it's very similar to City Hunter drama, LMH chemistry and PMY are really strong and I'm sure they liked each other at that time, it turns out they were really dating. Now also LMH and KGE's chemistry in TKEM is really strong, i hope after this drama they will be dating too… hopefully i'm not wrong 😍😍😍😍

  4. I have always considered KGE as one of the most beautiful Korean actresses mainly because she is authentically ( no surgeries done) Korean looking, I love her mono lids, cute nose n everything about her, she is beautiful. Apart from her looks, she is very talented, an amazing actress, I hope her critics watch her movies n they will know how versatile n talented she is. LMH is very lucky to work with her. I am also hoping for a happy ending for both of them.

  5. OMG ….. their kiss 💋 came naturally….. not rehearsed …… I can feel the love 💕 flowing …… 🥰🥰😊

  6. Ok so I just notice that in the window take he is kissing her but not touching his neck and in the other scene he starts kissing her with his hand touching her neck, you got me? So there has to be more than one take idk maybe are all the reply bottoms. I need the bts! 😭😂

  7. Pyeha is being scandalous like he said he would be the next they are together💏😍. He is not at all considerate this time 😂 I see baby Lee coming soon 👶🍼🍼

  8. Oh my!!!!
    This is it pancit mga bashers ni Queen tae eul mglabasan kau kung HND kau kinilig sa scene na to….
    Manhid LNG ang Hindi tablan sa eksena nila in my king….

    Love and support you both!!
    Keep it up!!!

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