Lee Min Ho has a Golden Heart!
We all know that the world is now suffering from a pandemic. Everyone is affected, as well as the different types of business, even a rich man or a poor man, a famous or not, and even young or old. Everyone needs help, especially those less fortunate and children with weak immune system.
Despite of all of these, there is a one person, who is very willing to help the needy. Besides from being a great actor, singer, model, all around entertainer and most of all, he also has “GOLDEN HEART”, a great humanitarian who is very generous to many especially children!
Lee Min Ho joined to support those in need because of the pandemic. Through the donation platform “PROMIZ”, Lee Min Ho and MYM Entertainment donated a 300 million won to 8 charitable organizations.
These are the Community chest of Korea, Good Neighbors International NGO, Hope Bridge Association of the National Disaster Relief, Save the Children Organization, Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, and 3 other children associations in Korea.
Lee Min Ho makes this donation more meaningful and decided not make it under him, it is secretly contributed by “PROMIZ”. This is a charitable platform made by his fans. Many fans have voluntarily joined hands has created a greater meaning for the value of co-existence, staying together through both hardships and happiness.
The donation will be immediately used to low-income class and children with weak immune system nationwide, for sanitation supplies and other preventive items for medical staff.
Lee Min Ho’s fan club Minoz has warmed the public’s heart by donating 7.5 tons of rice to give to those less fortunate. Those donated items are planned to be delivered to families with young children and old, which seldom to receive proper care and food.
This is not the first time that Lee Min Ho gives a charitable activities.
Lee Min Ho is continually doing his best to help the less fortunate and needy. And, not only in their country but also to another country, which do not receive care. He is also a member of “UNICEF’s Honors Club (a club of individuals who donated over a 100 million of won).
What is your thought for being generosity of to Lee Min Ho ?
Just let me know, put your comment and reaction below.
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20 thoughts on “Lee Min Ho || He has a Golden Heart!”

  1. Lee minho is a very amazing person.😍
    😘he has both inner and outer beauty 😍
    Many many love and bless from Bangladesh 💓💕💞💖

  2. I thank you personally LMH and all the people who made these things posible for the welfare of all at this time of pandemic. Your donations are of great help for everybody. Keep safe and healthy everyone. 👍💕💕

  3. God loves a cheerful giver. Am sure our lee min ho will be bless more by our God. God always look at the heart. Keep safe. From tessie chan chan Laurel Philippines.

  4. How touching thinking a person like Lee Min Ho whose generousity is unquestionable.the more you give the more blessings you receive .May GOD bless you more

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