You know, just because you’re the king doesn’t mean you can invent laws and make them true. Oh wait… I guess you can?

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42 thoughts on “Lee Min-ho teaches Kim Go-eun the laws of kissing | The King: Eternal Monarch Ep 9 [ENG SUB]”

  1. Gon sbnre yg ingin aku tahu,,, lee min ho itu sudah menikah bener apa blm, semuanya ,, kok iklan tok, tapi jk memang drama itu endingnya nyata meried,, dan di beritakan dg life baru gebragan yg menyenangkan buat demua fans, terutama saya sbg simbok brk, , ngerti gak sampean gon, ,, iame fin for heart me,

  2. LeeMinho love prywatnego do. LeeMinho love Facebook prywatnego Korea. Seoul do. LeeMinho. Nie Wiem czy. LeeMinho. Mi opisze ale mam nadzieję że tak do LeeMinho love korea Seoul

  3. This drama has set my expectation higher about kdramas. The best one I've watched and here Lee Minho looks the best❤️

  4. Truly an amazing movie and the acting of Lee Min Ho is genuinely kingly and exquisite chemistry between them. Love,love this movie. Thank you.

  5. Breaks my heart tht jong teaul can not join him in his kingdom! 😭💜🥵 . Beautiful story TKEM ❤️🎶☝️🌍🤴👸. Thanks writer Kim Eunsuk 🙏for TKEM 🌹☝️.

  6. This Kdrama gives me such a beautiful feel I love everything about it no offence but those who don’t understand the plot need to sit down and rewatch it they’ll love it just the way we do !!!!!!

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