He do be spitting facts tho.

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40 thoughts on “Lenin explains socialism”

  1. The military isn't even the largest government program, Social Security is. This guy is a professional political commentator?

  2. When workers exist : marxism
    When workers get exploited : leninism
    When workers work : Stalinism
    When workers don't work : maoism

  3. Socialism is when the government does stuff, and the more stuff it does, the more socialist it is. And if the government does a whole lot of stuff, its communism

  4. "So, socialism, is what we have today in this country. Don't… Please don't have your head explode"

    -Lenin, October 1917

  5. TYT: Offends right-wingers because they claim to support socialism
    Also TYT: Offends left-wingers because they think THAT is what socialism is!

  6. What he is describing is Social Democracy. Not Socialism!
    I am a Socialist, and I spent this 28 second video, shaking my head in disgust at the ignorance!

    In a Socialist society, Nike wouldn't even exist after a dozen years as we would have taxed the everlasting shit out of them, meanwhile, employing all of their former workers in new social, construction and industrial jobs, suited to their skills.

    Social Democracy is cowardice, unwilling to go the extra steps needed to truly change society.

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