In this installment of Lenin in Five Minutes, we consider the so-called “national question.” What is the Leninist interpretation of nationalism and what role do nationalist movements played in the broader socialist project?

The original script for this video was written by “S” and edited by “S” and “M” together. “S” also produced much of the graphics for this video and the new intro animation in recent videos.

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34 thoughts on “Lenin in Five Minutes: The National Question”

  1. nationalism as a whole creates a lumpen bourgeoisie in formerly colonial nations. internationalism >>> nationalism. this is the only part of this mini series i disagree with.

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  3. I feel life force flowing through my body when I listen to you talk about Lenin's ideas.

    Your work is amazing!

  4. Mao says that, in some cases, there is an identity between class and national struggle. I think he really undertands the point

  5. I didn't notice the notification but while on a topic like this it may be of use to also look at some of James Connolly's ideas as well on the situation of Ireland

  6. Hey so I'm making a video surrounding lennin, and how his ideas can be applied to anarchism, these videos have helped me A LOT with the research process.

    Thanks a ton comrade

  7. this is the best teaching of Marxist, this is an important topic and a clear guide in conscientiousing an aspirant communist. we need to arm ourselves with a clear Marxist theory and speak in one voice in the world as the vanguard of the working class … thank you for the topic i know it can be a lengthy topic please do another series on The national question

  8. Спасибо за неравнодушие к общей проблеме и задаче! Привет из России

  9. im sure the Adyghe, Sakha, Artsakh Armenians, Nenets, Yup'ik, and Chuckchi, Tibetan, and Uyghurs appreciate their displacement in the name of "left wing" nationalism in the 20th century 🙂 🙂

  10. This one of the best channels describijg socialism from scientific point of view keep up the good work you really are doing a public service

  11. LOL you are wrong right out of the gate. A nation is an ethnic group with shared history, language, and genetic relations. A nation is not the same thing as a country with borders. However, the Bourgeois drew country borders based on nations and ethnic groups so there is a correlation. Are you now full Nazbol?

  12. This is where Lenin was wrong because he didnt realize the contradiction between self determination and socialism. He also did not have the foresight to make socialism itself the basis of national identity. He began to see the contradiction when organizing the working class and the Jews wanted to be separate in their own working class group. Thus, the contradiction between identity politics and class solidarity.

  13. In my interactions with right-wing nationalist ideals (ex:'America First') rather than using 'multinational corporations,' I've been using antinationalists corporation particularly when my opponent brings up immigration and 'open borders.' I like to point out that these corporate entities love open borders for their freedom of movement and the free flow of their wealth as to be beholden to none. I try to take the focus off of immigrants and put it on the capitalists who benefit most from 'open borders.'

  14. Good explanation comrade I wish more people on the left understood this aspect of Marxist Leninist theory. Happy Birthday Lenin ✊🚩

  15. Will be linking this any time people in imperial cores insist to me that all nationalism is right-wing and reactionary.
    Solidarity from an Irish Socialist Republican ✊🚩

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