LESSONS FROM HALSEY & YUNGBLUD: The Pros & Cons Of Dating Someone Sexually Fluid! | Shallon Lester

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Halsey’s boyfriend Yunglud just came out as sexually fluid, and I’ll break down why you should totally consider a guy who is pansexual/bisexual…and the challenges you may face!

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28 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM HALSEY & YUNGBLUD: The Pros & Cons Of Dating Someone Sexually Fluid! | Shallon Lester”

  1. But you’re definitely right that no guy should just demand being allowed to fuck around in a monogamous relationship. That’s definitely not fair. But doesn’t mean that every guy figuring out their sexuality while in a relationship is gonna do that

  2. Being into a person also shouldn’t be a competition. You’re not competing against everyone else they could be interested in. You should just be yourself. Wear Make-up when YOU want to and don’t wear Make-up when YOU don’t want to. Being in the mindset that you gotta compete against people for someone’s affection is already the wrong start. You are being yourself and should be loved for just that. And if someone is into you there is no competition. And actually the guys who are gonna be “additional competition” aren’t all that many. I’m a gay guy and the dating people of people I find attractive that find me attractive is just extremely small. I’m on all kinds of apps and websites and I never find anyone. A bisexual or pansexual guy is gonna have the same hard time finding guys. They don’t just meet them randomly in the streets. In order to find Someone of the same gender you kind of have to seek it out. And if a guy is seeking out other people then he is clearly not that into you.

  3. You said in the beginning people don’t need to choose a label but then later you say that it’s bad when a guy isn’t 100% sure who he is. He deserves the same freedom you want. And just because a guy is open to dating people of different genders does not mean he isn’t able to commit or invested in the relationship. Especially a guy like Yungblud who says that he’s mostly straight. Sure, if a guy tells you he wants to explore his sexuality right now before settling, then it’s wise not to try to get him into any sort of relationship. Then it’s totally correct that he may do as he pleases. But if he’s like “Yeah, I like guys and girls and all kinds of people. But right now I’m interested in YOU!” then what he identifies as shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if he still doesn’t 100% sure how much he likes guys or whatever because he’s in it with you. There’s nothing different about it than it would be with a completely straight guy. Because he would still find other women attractive or interesting and have different kinds of women he is attracted to but right now it’s about you. And that doesn’t change just because a guy likes more than one gender. It’s just important to have that conversation about whether or not the person you wanna be with currently wants to explore their sexual orientation with different people. And that should ideally happen before there is any sort of commitment. And if they don’t need further exploration because they are crazy about you then that’s the end of the story, and he shouldn’t be looked at any differently than any heterosexual man would be looked at.

  4. Gender expression =/= sexual fluidity. A guy can wear a dress or act stereotypically “feminine”/ submissive but still be straight. That’s a different topic. Either focus on his sexuality or on that, muddying up those two topics doesn’t help anyone.

  5. Correction Sexually Fluid means STD cross contamination. It's so trashy and uncuth. He might as well have said he would walk up to a DONKEY and fuck it.

  6. Thanks for NOT mentioning the unavoidable risk of STD's involved in men who engage in homosexuality. Really irritating. I once viewed you as a woke and real influencer.

  7. I started with hetrosexual, went to maybe bisexual, hetro again and finally bi for sure.
    I use to date mainly men. So I don't have a lot of expirience with women.
    Now, I'm alone for a few years, healing from traumas
    I'm not sure I can really be serious about a woman but the sex is so much better

  8. I used to read soooo many fanfictions with frank iero and bert mccracken and all these band members on quizilla when I was like 15, i can relate Shallon 😅 it was so good though hahahaha

  9. I'm bisexual but once I really like someone I can never think about anyone else, no matter what gender. Some people just take bisexuality for polygamy. It's not the same definitely. What I understood though is that, not only is Youngblud sexually fluid but also gender fluid. And those are two completely different things.

  10. Well the problem with the whole not-labeling-your-sexuality thing is this: almost everyone will assume that you’re straight, heteronormativity is a strong force. So if you’re not straight you might be feeling like you’re lying to everyone or that you can’t be yourself if you never label what makes you different – you don’t have to tell everyone though – it depends on what kind of relationship you have with someone.

  11. This video and comment section reeks of biphobia, which is disappointing when you supposedly identify as bisexual.

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