Dating advice from the royal wedding! How did Meghan Markle land Prince Harry? I’ll take a hard look at their royal romance and uncover the seduction secrets…and why Meghan is actually the most toxic woman Prince Harry has dated!

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36 thoughts on “LOVE LESSONS FROM MEGHAN MARKLE & PRINCE HARRY: The Secret To Seducing Any Man! | Shallon Lester”

  1. Meghan is a narcissist. She is a community narcissist. She uses charity work for attention. She would NEVER do anything, God forbid, anonymously.
    They are not experts on anything, yet they want to make oodles of money speaking.
    Meghan was a grade B actress who mostly looked cute and took off her clothes. She is past her prime. No one knew who she was until she started dating Harry. Meghan has a long history
    of using people and then discarding them, cutting them off. She has separated Harry from his family. A woman who really loves a man, will help him expand his world, she has contracted Harry’s world.

  2. You r right about Meg being an attention who're. I mean she almost starts shaking n waging her tail. It's very weird n gringy. My major dislike.

  3. Hey, I’ve tried to message on multiple media. It is all blocked. I can guarantee I’m not crazy. Please respond. This isolation is extra difficult in Oz.

  4. saying this as a fan in the past, you have a really warped idea of what constitutes a healthy person. I love you and think you're capable of change, but as you rightly put it you can't change what you don't acknowledge. I've noticed that for someone who preaches 'business as usual' you're so extra and judgemental, and you say it's because you want to take a lesson from these celebrities but I don't think you do. I think you just like to talk shit about them, and from looking at the type of people (Ellen, Selena, Meghan etc.) you dislike it appears that it may be a personal issue that YOU have with them. I don't doubt you have a lot of insider knowledge from living in new york but let's be real half the shit that you claim you've 'heard' if you do a quick google are article quotes from unreputable sources! you preach about female empowerment which is why i started watching you (you truly have come up with some iconic one-liners) but damn girl you sure do like to cut other women down who have different values and goals than you, god forbid. For someone who claims to be a feminist/queen of the girls, you have a lot of internalised misogyny.
    Internalised misogyny to be clear is that you have internalised misogynistic values which in their simplest and most blatant form is hating on women but I believe is far more complex. For a lot of history, people could be like fuck women and it was okay but you can't get away with it as much anymore so now it's fuck anything associated with women, mainly feminity. You see a lot of the most vulnerable men in society are feminine (think gay men, trans men, men with mental health disorders especially eating and mood disorders, men who are abused). that's kind of proven by the 'im not like other girls' girl who shits on women for male approval. I say this with love but I think you possess some of those qualities. I want to point this out to you because I hear the way you speak about other women, and 'feminine' or vulnerable men and it's awful which sucks because you are so smart and a great behavioural analyser. I see why you made a career out of it! You have empowered me in as many ways as you have cut me down which is why it's so hard to write this and say this.
    I am a psychiatric nurse and am currently training to be a qualified psychologist. I have mental health conditions, my sister has borderline personality disorder now known as emotionally unstable personality disorder and is a recovering addict (and previously had bulimia). I was raised by an abusive alcoholic father. Trust me I have been the sister, daughter and nurse of mental health disorders as well as a person afflicted with them. There is something in psychology called an internal locus of control. A locus of control means where you accredit blame to life-events so an external locus of control would be someone who lost their job and claims it's their boss' fault. They get divorced it's their partner's fault. They believe in fate, luck and karma and blame these things when they win or lose. They become passive in their life and decision making assuming a 'sign' will come to them that they need to change instead of going out and doing it themselves. People who have mental health problems (often their first contact with mental health services) can fall into this. Their strength and 'go-getter' attitude has been whittled down. Part of recovery (especially in therapy sessions) is to change this outlook to an internal locus of control. They are people who accredit their failures and successes to internal factors. If they got the job, its because they worked for it. If they get divorced, even if the other person cheated, they had a part to play in the downfall of the relationship. Being an internal means you take an active role in your life, so if your mental health starts to deteriorate you go to your GP, you don't allow yourself to fall back down again.
    what you do wrong is you use this idea of being independent and taking an active role in your life as a bludgeon to beat vulnerable people over the head with. That is NOT how you get through to people. Don't enable people, of course. but don't be a dick about it fucking hell man. You fall short on this a lot, and I encourage you to challenge yourself because yes you have to be cruel to be kind but it feels like you're being cruel to be cruel and I do not like it.
    Finally, personality disorders are misunderstood even within the mental health field. I have worked in a personality disorder ward and it is VERY different from bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. PD's arise because of issues with upbringing generally, and actually what you said about borderline personality disorder (BPD) arising because of narcissistic parenting doesn't surprise me. I've never heard that before nor can I confirm it to be true but people with BPD can 'split'. This means they idolise someone, seeing only the good, and then split and see only the bad. Yes the idolising stage can be compared to 'love bombing' an abusive tactic, and yes people with BPD can be abusers… but so can anyone? you can be, I can be! and the idolising stage actually leaves room for abuse from another person because they are willing to overlook abusive behaviour for love. My sister is not perfect but she is kind and has a good heart. She was also the victim of abuse, first from our father and then from her fiance. This happened because she could only see the good in a person that broke her bones and dragged her down the stairs by her hair.
    Personality disorders are mental illness, meaning that the person is in some way sick. But this sickness is not of their personality (despite what the name suggests) or their heart, but more their perspective. Narcissism is also a personality disorder, and the 'problem' is rooted in their perspective/ how they view others and themselves. A lesser-known trait of BPD is this chameleon-ing on to other peoples personalities and interests, not because they are a cartoon villain manipulating others but because they are so scared of being alone that they mirror what they think others want them to be, so they won't abandon them.
    Now you might think my perspective is biased, because I love my sister, but I also see her flaws. She was an addict and for a long time, a part of her didn't want to be sober, to face therapy and all of her issues she wanted to forget who she was and how she felt. Yes, it's important to have boundaries and be firm with people even when it's hard but you don't need to be cruel.

    my issue with you shallon is you take a personality trait someone has and twist it to be the most cynical outlook, that everyone is Machiavellian
    (manipulative users) and back up your claims with 'credible' research. PSYCHOLOGY TODAY IS NOT CREDIBLE! I don't doubt you have an interest in psychology, but you are not a psychiatric or medical professional. Please stop talking as if you were one.

    I love you, you helped me stand up to my abusive dad and showed me I had value outside of being tits on legs, which a lot of the men I dated made me feel like. You encouraged me to be a warm-blooded animal, or at least actively work to be one every day and thank you for that, truly from the bottom of my heart.
    But you cant be a big-hearted, warm-blooded animal and say the vicious things that come out of your mouth sometimes. Please, reconsider how you think and what you post. I love you and hope to see some change.

    PS sorry this is long-winded

  5. Prince Harry is absolutely Charles and Diana's son! He is the image of his grandfather the Duke at the same age. Seriously, there's a picture of the two of them side by side, and they are twinning. Trust if he was the son of the polo guy, the Royal fam would've outed Diana for it as they enjoyed throwing shade at her.

  6. Chelsea is from Africa. She’s not British. And it’s been proven via DNA test to be Charles’ son. The man you refer to was James Hewart who Dianna was seeing AFTER Harry was born. Love your book analogy. Samantha Markle has proven to be correct in every way. The Book MM lived by & carried every where was called “the Rules” – subject being how to get a man to marry you. You may be too young to remember it.

  7. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  8. I’m not alpha female either though I’m chill, I’m well traveled, I’m cultured, I cook why do men want women who use them and don’t have anything of substance

  9. I mean I get it I guess I am too real and I cannot settle for a dumbass or a man that needs me to constantly boost his ego

  10. He even married one. Why the duck so many men like lying cheating dramatic women that want to keep it all about them and it so obvious to those around them then they ignore the real girls and then give up on women cause they choose dumbasses that masquerade as cool bitches or bitches that care

  11. Can you talk about all the bitter divorced men that have bad babies mamas and pay child support and swear off women until they are 50. ( or forever ) I’m in my late 30s and since 32 or so o meet men who were seduced by the gilrs of their dreams (supposedly ) then they were cheated on and it broke them and they cannot care less about any women except their children and booty calls? Is there even hope? Because the pool is empty in the 30s for women I think

  12. You are wonderful!!]
    Better take a second look at MM"s mom. She is not that sweet. The stories about her as nasty as her daughter. She is even an ex-con.

  13. I agree with everything said in this video, except about Doria.
    There's yet another snake slithering in the grass! 🦂🕷
    Remember the Apple doesn't fall far from….

  14. I think Meghan’s real target 🎯 was William. I think she wanted the power that comes to being Queen consort. Think she hates Catherine. She quickly learned she would be so far down the line and couldn’t take that blow to her ego. So she calls the “race card”.

  15. I didn't realize you were friends with her. Oh wait, you're not. You were also not a fly on the wall so I wonder how you talk about someone you don't know at all. You're reckless and I wish someone would look into your family and call them "Garbage."
    Oh you read a book and now you're a expert.
    Take the Justin Bieber photo of the shelf . He is completely freaked out by you.
    You use big words to look smart you're just toxic!
    I know I'm just a "monster" not a smart person who can see exactly what you're doing. You are insanely jealous of Selena and Meghan.

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